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How to Make Zillow Account without a Phone Number?

Zillow Account without a Phone Number

What is Zillow? It’s an American number-one real estate marketplace that allows people to buy, sell, land or rent a house, apartment or land plot across the USA and Canada. Compared to traditional services of private real estate agencies, with Zillow, you can find an appropriate housing in a much easier and convenient way.

The company website attracts about 26 million users per month. This number includes regular viewers, real estate agents, property owners or apartment rental centers, mortgage agencies and even developers.

The marketplace has the biggest database of homes and houses in the USA and Canada with bulks of useful and applicable data. Thanks to that, by creating a Zillow account, you can find a suitable housing option much faster and more efficiently, rather than through private agencies or individual realtors.

During registration, you need to pass verification by entering a digit SMS code that will come to your mobile number. However, are you obliged to apply your actual phone number for this purpose? Let’s check an answer further in the article as well as exploring some features of the marketplace.

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What is Zillow & How Does it Work?

Zillow started as a regular listing service for advertisements for the sale of the real estate items. But over time it turned into a platform that generates in one place and in a convenient way a huge amount of information about virtually all housing and real estate in the United States and Canada.

The information available for those who have completed Zillow registration, including:

  • The cost of purchasing/renting real estate in neighboring streets/districts/counties/states, including the dynamics of price changes over time.
  • Ethnic composition of the area in percentage and crime level (number of crimes and their nature).
  • The number of schools and the quality of education in them (up to average score).
  • The level of comfort of the area (infrastructure development in the form of hospitals/shops/cafes, accessibility on foot/by car).

Thus, Zillow account holders can gather all the accessible information about the future living area and make a decision on purchase after weighing the pros and cons, so as not to get distracted further. For example, in the app, you can see how the value of a home changes depending on how close it is to specific city infrastructure objects. For example, Starbucks (+30% price increase) or health food supermarkets like Whole Foods (+70%).

As for advertisements for Zillow for sale/rental, etc., are placed on the market either by the homeowners themselves or by real estate agents. Moreover, you can also register as a home seeker with purchasing or renting purposes.

What is Zillow & How Does it Work?

What is Zillow when it Comes to Making Revenue?

The very first source of income for this real estate marketplace is charging agents a fee to post their listings on the Zillow Rental Network. However, the rate for advertisements varies greatly depending on the location of the property and the level of competition with other properties. That is, this is not just a bulletin board, but a full-fledged automated advertising network.

In addition, the marketplace has its own display advertising network. The platform sells advertising space directly in the search results, so the Zillow account holders could get their advertisement noticed among other similar ads.

Another advertising product of the company is Premier Agent. It is a service for realtors self-promotion as contact agents for any property on the platform. How does it work? In the item card, the realtors add themselves to the list of agents. In turn, the homeseekers can choose any of offered agents for further work on completing the transaction.

For home seekers, Zillow registration is also a useful measure, since the service also offers the Mortgage Marketplace with Zillow allowing users to get a preliminary estimation of their solvency, i.e. capacity to pay, and expected mortgage rate.

Zillow Registration & Verification Tips

Compared to many other modern services, this real estate marketplace requires not much information to register. It only asks to enter an email address and come up with a password.

However, since the marketplace thoroughly monitors the quality of advertisements and traces of scamming ones, the platform asks to verify a user identity via a phone number.

Probably, you will not want to link your real phone number for Zillow account. Then, as an alternative, for your identity verification, you can use disposable cloud-based numbers that can also receive SMS messages.

We would like to recommend you using our service, since we have an expertise of over 7 years and the most affordable prices on the market.

Virtual Phone Number for Zillow Marketplace

The SMS-Man vendor provides temporary virtual phone numbers for one-time usage and long-term rental for up to 3 months. Thus, a disposable phone number for Zillow registration that expires in 20 minutes will cost you <$1.

Such numbers help you register anonymously in online services and platforms around the world. We support more than 1000 applications and mobile providers from more than 180 countries.

In addition, virtual numbers allow you to create multiple accounts on one platform at once, unblock your accounts and many other things.

virtual phone number from sms man

To purchase a virtual number through our platform, you need to go through several steps:

  1. Set up a personal profile at using an email address or Google+.
  2. Deposit some funds to your account balance at the “Top Up” tab.
  3. To purchase a one-time phone number for Zillow marketplace, first, open “Receive SMS” in the left-side menu.
  4. Select a country (US) and the service (Zillow). Near the number, tap “Buy SMS”.
  5. Now, go to the bottom of the homepage, here you will see the purchased number in the “History” section. Apply it to pass verification.
  6. Then, to request a confirmation code, return to your SMS-man account and click “Receive SMS”. Enter it to the appropriate field on Zillow.

Voila! Your account is verified.

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