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How to Create Second Account without a Phone Number?

Second Account

What is It is a well-equipped webmail service founded by the US-based company Vanity Mail services which was acquired by Europe’s United Internet group in 2010. The latter led to further advancements in the service.

Not only does it offer full-fledged email services, but it also equips users with a bunch of helpful features such as an email migration tool and strong security settings. For enabling 2FA, it asks you to give out a cell phone number. How can you handle it without disclosing it to the webmail client to preserve anonymity? Is it possible to register multiple Mail accounts? Let’s get the answers further in the article.

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What is

With its highly convenient functionality, this service is a great webmail solution for employees of small businesses, freelance workers, and home users. First, it offers an enormous online mail storage of 65 GB, which enables users to store around 500 thousand emails in the box. With an online spreadsheet tool and presentation application, you can manage working documents whenever you sign up for Plus, you get access to 2 GB of free cloud storage to back up your files. Another great feature is that you can choose a domain name from over 100 available or custom your unique one. As for the in-built Organizer, it makes you easily schedule your working and studying hours, invite other people to appointments, and synchronize it with your Google or smartphone’s calendar.

When you finish sign up for, you can also handle all your mail boxes in one place. With Mail Collector, you can set up forwarding mails from all your external mailboxes to box. Additionally, the MailCheck browser extension provides an opportunity to quickly check emails from all your mail boxes — with customizable notification sounds for each account.

Moreover, when Mail registration is completed, you can also activate templates or set your own rules to automatically categorize incoming messages to a required folder — let’s say, from a specific recipient. This Filter Rules feature allows you to make your inbox well-organized and uncluttered to easily find the desired mails.

The webmail client also supports a feature for masking your main email address from specific people, online platforms. etc. It is possible by creating up to 10 alias addresses that forward incoming messages to the main box.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how the service ensures data security.

What is

What is in terms of User Security? seems to do a lot to protect user accounts from being targeted by cybercriminals. First, it has been storing user data on secure US-based servers with all the transfers being also protected.

Besides, the service uses impressive virus protection. So that when you finish Mail registration and log in to an account, you’ve got covered by the webmail’s antivirus software. It ensures protection against identity theft, also expanding to the Mail Collector feature, so that all the added mailboxes also get under protection.

Well, what is when speaking of spam protection then? To be honest, it uses robust spam filters to minimize the opportunity of your PC and other devices getting spoiled with malware and viruses that come via unsolicited messages.

And finally, this webmail offers users double account protection by adding the second identity factor in addition to email password. On, the second factor is a six-digit SMS code that comes to your cell phone number. But it does not mean that you need to attach your real phone number to the platform. If you do not want it for anonymity or some other reasons, you have an option to submit a temporary virtual phone instead. It is also very convenient if you need to set up multiple Mail accounts one by one.

So, what are these virtual phone numbers for renting, and why do you need to give them a try? Let’s learn it further.

Virtual Phone Number for the 2 Mail Account

Being an easy to get and affordable alternative to regular cell phone numbers, disposable and rentable virtual phone numbers from the SMS-man vendor help Internet users to get access to over 1000 global platforms and applications. All without the opportunity to trace them to the end-users.

Moreover, temporary numbers allow you to virtually register from over 190 countries of the world. This is quite helpful when you need to access some local services. For example, for registering the 2 Mail account, you can purchase a US virtual phone number.

Another significant benefit is that virtual phones purchase requires documents or IDs but your email address.

virtual phone number

How can you buy a number? Here is the guidance below:

  1. Register at with an email address or via social media.
  2. Click “Top Up” in the top right corner and add money to your account balance.
  3. To buy a single-usage virtual number to create the 2 Mail account, open “Receive SMS”. Choose the country (US) and “”, click “Buy SMS”.
  4. Scroll down the page and copy the number to submit it for
  5. To receive a code in the SMS, go back to your SMS-man account and click “Receive SMS” next to the number.
  6. Submit the digit code to the webmail service.

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