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How to Create Kwork Freelance Account without a Phone Number?

Kwork Freelance Account

If you have already registered on the platform, you might be aware that to add a card for withdrawing funds from completed orders, freelancers need to link their Kwork phone number or email address. If you need to register a new Kwork account, sadly utilizing the already used phone number or other credentials is not an option. Thus, a virtual phone number will be very useful here.

In the blog post, we will explain how you can buy such a number through our service. Moreover, let’s explore the benefits of using this exact platform for placing remote job tasks.

So, what is Kwork among other exchanges for freelancers? Let’s found out.


What is Kwork & How does it Work?

Kwork is a freelance platform among the top ten in the world, enabling collaboration between freelance workers and businesses or private customers from the US, Russia, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and other countries.

The platform was launched in 2014 in London, UK.

The most convenient thing about the Kwork freelance platform is that it operates as a marketplace. Freelancers offer their remote services, allowing customers to easily find and purchase the services they need at an affordable price.

Additionally, a freelancer can choose of two options when providing their services through a so-called “kwork”:

  • Offering services in compliance with the fixed cost of the kwork. For freelancers, a fixed price is 400 rubles, while for customers, it is 500 rubles. The platform takes the difference as a commission.
  • Independently setting the cost of the kwork, depending on the offering.

The only way the platform charges remote workers is taking a 5% commision per each order, but not less than 200 rubles.

Moreover, compared to other freelance platforms, the range of the Kwork freelance services is pretty wide. And it is a huge benefit for both self-employed people and businesses that are often in need of skillful specialists with various fields.


Kwork Freelance Services

This range includes, but not limited to:

  • Texts and translations. Filling websites pages, writing business-oriented texts, SEO texts, email newsletters, filling out product cards, writing comments, translating in 74 languages, and more.
  • Programming and IT services. Thus, customers who have finalized the Kwork registration will be able to buy kworks for website development and modification, layout, development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, games, various software, and so on.
  • SEO and traffic. Website optimization, auditing, creating a semantic core, building link mass, attracting traffic, and so on.
  • Design. From developing a corporate identity and company logo to web and mobile design, creating presentations, designing for social networks and marketplaces, and more.
  • Audio and video. Video shooting and editing, voice-over, video scripts, etc.
  • Advertising and SMM. Creating content for social networks, setting up contextual advertising, email marketing, message boards, and more.
  • Business. Hiring outsourced specialists such as project managers, sales managers, remote accountants, business assistants, and so on.

And this is not it. To be more precise, the Kwork freelance platform covers almost all the types of work tasks that can be done remotely.

So, what other advantages does it offer to people on freelance? Let’s see.

What is Kwork in Terms of Benefits?

The huge advantage of the Kwork platform is that it takes no charges for account maintenance or pro status, but only charges for completed orders. Moreover, it refunds the full amount to a buyer if the order is canceled.

Additionally, the platform uses a secure transaction method by storing paid money on a deposit account and only transferring it to a remote worker after the task is finalized.

Among other advantages, we can specify a few points:

  • The platform allows clients to estimate freelancers’ completed tasks, and the higher the freelancer’s rating is, the higher their next kworks will be shown in search results.
  • The interface is really simple and intuitive. The process of Kwork registration, placement of kworks, and the search feature, all is made as convenient and optimized as possible, making it faster and simpler for outsourced workers to place offerings and businesses to find relevant specialists and a set of services.
  • Also, the established price for kworks is an enormous plus. Freelancers individually estimate their services and set prices, as well as extra payment for additional modifications, which means that clients can see the final price at first glance.

Kwork Registration for Freelancers & Customers

How can a remote worker start using Kwork? Before publishing kworks, you first need to set up an account on the platform. You can do that via email address or by linking an account to a social network profile.

Make sure that you have added a card or payment account to receive and withdraw money for kworks that you finished. Note: none of these options are available before you link a phone number for Kwork or email address to your account.

As soon as you finalize adding a withdrawal option, now it is time to create your first kwork. In the form, provide the name of the offered services, then specify your exact offering for an established price. Then, select a category, describe the services that you are selling along with conditions for customers.

A little bit lower, put relevant tags and specify a time period that you guarantee a task to be finished. Moreover, you can add some examples of your works, as well as specifying additional options to complete for extra payment.

How can clients buy kworks? Customers also need to complete the Kwork registration (for each person, the platform simultaneously creates two profiles for both a customer and a freelancer), as well as add funds to the account balance. You can transfer money from a bank card or payment account, digital wallets, your cell phone number or pay in cash via Kwork’s partners.

If you do not want to use your real phone number both as a client or remote worker, or your current mobile number is already in use, you may consider utilizing a temporary virtual phone number from the SMS-man vendor.

How to Create Kwork Freelance Account without a Phone Number?

Virtual numbers with a limited validity period are a great way to complete registration and verification on those platforms that require to attach a phone number. In some cases, this is also a convenient way to additionally protect your personal account using two-factor or multi-factor authentication. So, it is quite suitable to sign up for Kwork freelance platform.

SMS-Man has been providing numbers to receive SMS messages for more than 7 years. We support more than 1000 platforms and more than 160 countries.

Also, using temporary virtual phone numbers helps you avoid leaving personal data on various platforms that may be leaked in data breaches, bypass geographical restrictions. Moreover, you can create many accounts at once or unblock a blocked account.

Buying a one-time use number for Kwork registration will cost you<$1. If you prefer a longer rental period, you can check prices on the “Rent” tab in your personal account.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, how to obtain a virtual phone number from SMS-man? Let’s see:

  1. Set up an account at via email or social networks.
  2. Add some funds to the balance.
  3. To get a single code, open the “Receive SMS” tab, select a country and then find ‘Kwork’ in the service search bar. Click “Buy SMS”.
  4. To get the purchased number, go down to the archive section and copy it from there.
  5. Apply the number to add a card to your account on the Kwork freelance platform and get back to your SMS-man profile.
  6. Request the code by clicking “Receive SMS”.

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