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How to Create Dundle Account without a Phone Number?

Dundle Account without a Phone Number

Dundle is a marketplace website, developed in 2012 by a couple of students. You can buy a prepaid digital voucher or Dundle gift card and use it for purchases on a vast majority of online websites, marketplace services, video games, etc. The website works in ~100 countries, including Europe, Asia & Northern America.

Various parties are here—you can acquire a card for Amazon, Steam, eBay, PSN, and a whole bunch of smaller services supporting payment cards. You can also buy an untitled card to use for the service of your choice. So, do you want to find out what the Dundle gift card is like and how to register here with no further challenges? Take a closer look at the app by checking this piece!

What is Dundle App? 

What is Dundle App? 

Dundle seems to present a collection of features similar to a traditional retail marketplace platform. There is a search bar at Home, which allows users to search for brands, eGift cards & games, and three additional product sections above, called Payment cards, Gift cards, and Gaming credits. All three show a number of brands that the respective goods are most popular for.

Plus, the main page of the Dundle app contains ongoing promotions, frequently purchased products, the aforementioned product categories in another show & even mini-games allowing its players to earn some Dundle coins. In the lower areas, one can find more promotions and highlighted products an email newsletter option, blog posts & the basement part.

What are the three product groups sold by Dundle? Payment cards are an alternative to classic debit & credit cards with a single exception—they are not issued by a bank. Dundle app instantly sends them to the user’s inbox in the form of crypto vouchers & e-wallet refillment. These cards mean safer transactions with no worry of card funds theft.

Dundle Gift Cards

Dundle Gift Cards

Gift cards perform a similar task but they’re branded as last-minute pleasant things bought for friends to pay for purchases in the service they bought it for. The range of services is huge, from marketplaces like Amazon or Google Play to music distribution services such as Spotify and mobile, console & PC games. Just like the payment cards, they’re great for replacing bank cards.

Game cards allow Dundle app shoppers to fulfill their virtual balance in video games or gaming platforms like Steam, PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop & Nintendo Switch Online, Xbox Game Pass, and a whole lot of other places. Just pick the game or service, add the code in a respective section of its interface, and enjoy the fulfilled balance.

Each option allows you to choose how much to load on a card. For example, a Nintendo eShop gaming card can be worth $10, $20, $35 & $50. You can choose from most of the world’s currencies and regions. There are only six languages on the Dundle app: English, French, German, Polish, Italian & Spanish. That’s all for features, let’s go on to the signup process.

Dundle Registration Process

An authorized account on Dundel allows you to seamlessly make new purchases without adding payment information every time, contact customer service, check your transaction history, and enjoy other pleasant features. To do it, just add your contact email address, and that’s all. Dundle will then send the cards & vouchers on it.

Additionally, account verification is in place to protect Dundle’s customers from potential hacker issues. What is Dundle requesting to complete it? A valid ID card (like driver’s license), bank statement proving your financial reliability, phone number & full name. Sounds and feels like too much confusing requirements that you’d likely not be willing to fulfill.

You can bypass some of them. The mobile number confirmation is open for completion with a spare SIM-powered phone number, or virtual phone data. The latter one is the better one, as you won’t need to go anywhere, plus the number can be registered in any country. They’re virtually untraceable by third parties and suitable for an anonymous Dundle account.

How to Create Dundle Account without a Phone Number?

SMS-Man is a leading vendor of these numbers. There are numbers in bulk, deals for teams, for rental, or one-off purchase. You choose, but for single account registrations, SMS-man suggests disposable online numbers to complete Dundle registration & verification, because no hassle will be needed afterwards.

virtual phone number

Check this step-by-step guide:

  1. Register on SMS-man or join using a Google+ account.
  2. Find the ‘top up’ feature on the screen, deposit money through it.
  3. Select the service and country and click ‘buy SMS’ near the necessary service.
  4. Add the number to your profile, copy it.
  5. Use the number to get verified on Dundle.
  6. Return to your profile and click ‘receive SMS’.

Use the obtained code to complete the Dundle registration process.

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