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How to Create Skrill Account without a Phone Number?

Skrill Account without a Phone Number

What is Skrill function-wise? Skrill is a software application for financial management and mobile transactions, developed in 2001 in the UK. The service’s mechanisms are similar to Wise & PayPal, allowing for online payments from an e-wallet.

Being among the largest digital wallets, Skrill facilitates multiple payment options including bank transfers, cryptocurrency operations, card transactions, etc. So exactly what is Skrill doing to make your life easier? Let’s jump below and find out!

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How to Use Skrill?

Skrill provides a broad function collection to make users in control of funds. Due to global presence and e-wallet status, there is wider coverage and more valuable partnerships than most banks have.

Here is what app offers to the audience:

  • Pay Online. Skrill wallet is accepted on online marketplaces, websites & services. Transactions are secure, fast and do not require any bank details from customers. But What is Skrill doing to make it easier to deposit? Users can top up their balance by card, transfer & online payment in local ATMs.
  • Currency Exchange. Add the desired pair and complete the transaction at a fairly convenient rate, compiled by looking at world prices & practices. The operation takes just a few clicks. They let people choose among several delivery destinations & payment options.
  • Buy & Sell Crypto. The crypto operations are available for 40 fiat and decentralised currencies. How to use Skrill for such operations? Users need to topple their Skrill account, then trade crypto and later withdraw the result. They even let users check the coin prices live!
  • Make a Card. Looking for a safe way to pay offline or withdraw cash from Skrill? Try an international, multi-currency card based on Mastercard and made in both plastic and virtual form. They don’t run a background check, just order the card on their website and receive it after a while!

How to Use Skrill?

The Main Advantages of App

What is Skrill adding to further improve these functions? Premium subscriptions, card points & additional supportive things:

  • Knect, loyalty points for Skrill card users convertible into cash vouchers & bonuses.
  • VIP club with lower fees, higher limits & member-only buffs on online payments. 
  • High-end content from the Crypto Academy about the coins, trading, etc.
  • True Skriller, allows users to enable lower fees on money transfers.

How to Pass Skrill Registration & Verification?

Here is how to create Skrill account quickly & easily:

  • Visit their website, click “Register”.
  • Add your name, email, country & currency.
  • Verify the email using the guide sent to your inbox.

They also have mandatory post-registration procedures. First, pick a reason you are on Skrill. Add the residential address, city, zip code, birthdate, and a number, which you next verify separately. What’s left is making your PIN and optionally adding some funds.

After Skrill registration, time comes for verification. The process isn’t tedious or time-consuming, with two steps required: confirm your passport & verify your living address. Then, enable optional double authentication & make a strong password.

Why does app request it all? A big question. These requirements concern security matters, law regulations & some of Skrill’s functions. For example, they need a number during the Skrill verification to confirm identity details, enable phone balance fulfilment using Skrill wallet & send SMS reports if needed. 

You don’t have to provide a number if you don’t want to topple your phone balance but are just looking for a wallet to send and convert money and store it there. A cloud-based number can be an alternative. Here is a detailed guide on this product. 

Virtual Numbers Explained

Virtual numbers are created online from anywhere, allowing their owners to increase their security level. Mostly they are purchased for things like anonymous Skrill verification, where you need to confirm the SMS code to confirm the account.

Since they are online-generated, you won’t need to make a SIM card, meaning no documentation is needed. The governments cannot trace them, nor do they want to ban this product—virtual numbers are sold openly. Turns out, online numbers are a great alternative to standard SIM numbers.

virtual phone number

How to crate Skrill Account without a Phone Number?

SMS-Man is a highly recognized vendor, selling auto-generated numbers for over a thousand applications, websites & services. Try renting reusable numbers for multiple registrations, or getting a disposable version, suitable to create Skrill account one time. 

  1. Visit, register and log in.
  2. Open the “Top up my balance” tab and make a deposit.
  3. Click on “Get SMS”, then select your country and Affirm service.
  4. Click on “Buy SMS”, then find the phone number in the history section and copy it.
  5. Start registration with Affirm using your virtual phone number.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click ” Receive SMS” to view your confirmation code.
  7. Enter the code to complete your registration.

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