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How to make OkCupid account without mobile phone number

make OkCupid account

How to make OkCupid account without mobile phone number is a common question among those who want to start using one of the most popular dating sites in the world. Completing mobile verification is mandatory for gaining access to this platform. If there is no available phone number then using its services is not possible. But it is not the reason to get down. You can sign up for an account on this website with OkCupid virtual phone number and start meeting new people right today.

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OkCupid is an online dating application that was launched in 2004 as social networking website. Nowadays it offers tools for meeting new people worldwide by using the multiple-choice questions feature. To generate matches, OkCupid applies data that is getting collected while users do different activities on the site including answering questions. The database consists of more than 4000 questions. For new users, it is recommended to answer at least 50-100. It should be enough to start getting preferable matches.

Registering and using the platform is free. But like a lot of other online dating apps, OkCupid offers an opportunity to purchase different features and upgrade an account. Among the so-called premium options, there is an option to view the profiles of people who liked your profile page. So it is not different from other similar services and has all the necessary tools to find a match today.

OkCupid account without phone number

How to make OkCupid account without phone number?

Phone number verification is mandatory for making OkCupid account. Without going through this process it is impossible to access the features of the app. So what to do if a personal phone number is not available or cannot be disclosed for security purposes?

The solution is simple. You can make OkCupid account using a virtual phone number while located anywhere in the world. There is no need to go anywhere or purchase a new SIM card for registration. Read our detailed guide to learn how this process works on the whole:

1. Sign up for account with an email address or social network profile and log in to the platform.

2. Proceed to the payment tab and add funds to the balance using a suitable method.

3. Go to the homepage of the service and choose the country of origin for a virtual phone number.

4. Scroll down the page to the tab with apps and select OkCupid.

5. Click the buy button to get a virtual phone number for receiving OTP.

6. Open the website or mobile app of OkCupid.

7. Enter the received virtual phone number on the registration form and request a verification code.

8. Click the “Get SMS” button at SMS-Man to see a text message.

9. Use appeared verification code to create OkCupid account.

That is it. You have just made OkCupid account without phone number and can enjoy all the free features of the platform including meeting new people from all over the world. Cannot manage to purchase and use private service for some reason? The solution is below.

Where to get a free virtual phone number for OkCupid sign up?

With an understanding that it is not possible to provide an affordable service for everyone, we have created a special Telegram channel with free virtual phone numbers. You can use it for signing up on all apps that require users to complete mobile verification including OkCupid.

Using it is simple. Just open the channel, copy the active virtual phone number and put it on the sign up form. Once the verification code is sent, click the “Get SMS” button or wait for the list with text messages to get updated automatically. This service is absolutely free so there is no reason not to try it.

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