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How to delete GroupMe account in 2022

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GroupMe is a free service for organizing group communication. The platform allows you to send chat or SMS messages to the phone of your conversation partner, and works on any device thanks to the apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Why use GroupMe?

The service is useful for personal communication with friends and family members, organizing events (meetings, parties, school and department meetings). The program is free for any number of participants, which makes it accessible to a wide range of people who want to save money, including freelancers, owners of startups and small businesses.

The software allows you to send text messages as well as videos and photo galleries. You can “Like” participants and their content, add emoji, share photos and videos, and connect geolocation. The system provides for creation of group and personal chats and possibility to disable notifications. SMS messages from GroupMe are sent from a laptop or computer without installing additional applications. All you have to do is specify the subscriber’s number. The program allows you to use simple global commands to manage contact lists (change group name, add and delete a participant, mass mailing). You can send them as tags to several developers and thus remotely manage the chat processes.


How do I delete an old account?

1. Click your avatar (avatars) to open your profile and then click the pencil icon to change your profile.
2. Select the “Delete GroupMe account” link.
3. On the confirmation screen, select “Continue” (you may need to enter your password first).
4. Delete the GroupMe account.

If you do not have groups:

a. A final confirmation screen will appear.
b. Select Delete.
c. You have logged out of GroupMe and your account is marked for deletion.
If you own a group, you must transfer ownership or terminate your account before you can delete it.
a. Select Transfer,and then on the next screen, select the new owner in the member list or select End Group.
b. Repeat these procedures for each group you own. You will return to the “Change Profile” screen.
c. Select “Delete GroupMe account” again.
d. Enter your password to confirm the account deletion, and then select “Continue”.
e. Select Delete. You have logged out of GroupMe, and deletion is scheduled for your account.

If you change your mind about deleting the account, you have 48 hours to deactivate it again. Click the link in the confirmation message or SMS we sent you, or just log in to GroupMe to cancel account deletion. If you do not restore your account within 48 hours, it will be deleted and you will not be able to restore it.

Account without a phone number

If you want to recreate your account, you won’t be able to sign up for the same number right away; you’ll need to wait a few days. If you need an account right away, you can sign up with a one-time virtual number. This number can be purchased on the Sms-man website. Go to the site, top up your balance and purchase a number on the main page of the site. Select the country of the number, and then the service – GroupMe. The registration confirmation code will appear on the site. In conclusion, with such numbers you can quickly register any service. It is convenient and much easier than buying a new SIM card.


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