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How to create Hily account without phone number

Hily dating app

Hily dating app is one of the most popular services worldwide for meeting new people. It is easy to use and has millions of active users. However, some people cannot enjoy all its features, since it is not available in every country and requires completing photo, email and mobile verification to receive corresponding badges in the profile. Read our article to find out how to solve one of these issues and create or verify a Hily account without a phone number.


How to sign up for the Hily dating site?

This service has both web and mobile versions available. But it is not possible to create and use an account on the Hily dating site. It is designed to be the face of the platform on which users can only get various information about its activities. In view of the above, to access the service, users have to download its mobile software. Though since the Hilly app is available for both Android and iOS operational systems there should not be any difficulties with it. Here is a detailed guide on how to sign up for this app:

1. Find and download the Hily dating app from Google Play or App Store.

2. Open the application and start the registration process with an email address or account on Facebook or Snapchat.

3. Provide answers to given questions.

4. Submit the form and wait for the system to analyze your preferences.

5. Get access to the created account.

As it is easy to notice, Hily account creation is a fast task that does not require much effort. In addition, completing it does not require passing identity or mobile phone number verification at all. However, even though it is not mandatory, going through these processes allows to get some exclusive bonuses and upgrade the profile to access more features of the app. Due to this here comes another question.

How to bypass Hily dating app phone verification?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Just like other dating apps, Hily pays great attention to its security system and provides no opportunity to bypass integrated into the platform phone verification. But there is nothing to worry about in case completing this task with own phone number is not an option for one or another reason. You can use a virtual phone number instead. This feature is available from anywhere in the world and in addition helps to protect your personal data from being stolen or leaked.

How to get a virtual phone number for Hily account verification?

You can easily get a virtual phone number for receiving OTP from different apps including Hily with SMS-Man. This task takes only a few minutes to complete. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to get a virtual phone number for Hily dating app:

1. Create a profile at

2. Replenish its balance using one of a few presented payment methods from the according tab.

3. Proceed to the homepage of the platform and choose the country dialing code.

4. On the same page find a tab with applications and select Hily dating app.

5. Click the buy button to receive a virtual phone number.

Now simply enter it on the app and request to it a verification code. Once it is sent, click on the “Get SMS” button that is placed next to the virtual phone number at SMS-Man. You will see a set of digits. Use it to verify an account on Hily dating app and receive bonuses including mobile badge in profile!

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