How to make Facebook ads account without mobile number
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How to make Facebook ads account without mobile number

How to make Facebook ads account

All of facebook advertising campaigns managed by Ads Manager. You gain access to it automatically after you launch first advertising campaign. For those who are new with Facebook face many questions about setting up this account.

In this article, we will tell you how to  create Facebook ads account and analyze some of the nuances that are important in terms of online work in 2022 .

How to access Ads Manager?

To access ADS Manager you need:

  • an active personal Facebook profile;
  • a business page (not Business Manager);

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If you have a personal account and a business page, there are 3 ways to access ADS Manager:

Method 1: Through Publication

Go to your business page.Select any post and click “Boost Post”.Immediately after that, a window with setting up an advertising campaign will open. If the user has never logged into ADS Manager before, an advertising account  is able to create after accepting the terms of the partnership agreement.

Method 2: Through Business Manager

Business Manager is a tool to manage all ad accounts and campaigns across all Meta related platforms. Learn more about Business Manager below. The profile associated with Business Manager is not for sale.

Each profile has a limit on the number of created advertising channels. It depends only on the budget used for the implementation of advertising campaigns. The more a Business Manager profile owner spends, thereafter the more accounts they can create. There are no other restrictions on functionality.

Evidently you can’t link an ad account to multiple Business Manager profiles at once. Once added, the action can’t be undone.

Method 3: Manually create an Ads Manager

Go to the page. From the drop-down menu, select “Create Page” or “Add Ads” (if the page has already been created through a personal profile).Add Facebook Ads

How to set up an Ads Manager facebook ads account?

To launch promotion campaigns new Facebook ads account needs to be set up . For this you need:

  • select a country for an advertising profile;
  • specify the currency that you will use for payment;
  • select time zone.

You can choose a country either depending on the GEO you plan to work with, or depending on the currency you want to use to pay for advertising campaigns. Please note that once the country and currency have been selected, they cannot be changed in the future.

In the account settings, you need to fill in basic profile information and an identification code. This information will be used for invoicing and may be required for tax purposes. Above all, to create facebook ads account you need an active Facebook profile. We will learn you how to do that with virtual phone number.

How to bypass facebook phone number verification?

Registering Facebook without a phone number through the service “Sms-man” is very easy and simple. To get a number, follow all the points of our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Firstly you need to complete a simple registration on

2. Refill the balance in a convenient way (rubles, dollars, cryptocurrency).

3. Find and select “Facebook” on the home page.

5. Enter your number when you sign up for Facebook.

6. Press “Get sms” on the home page of the site at the number you bought

7. Insert code in Facebook.

It turns out that in Facebook registration without a phone number cost us only $0.31, and we became the owner of a full-fledged account, which we can use for any purpose without the risk of being blocked.
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