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How to get European phone numbers for SMS?

How to get European

What can European phone numbers be used for?

You don’t have a European phone number and want to use European services, but there is no way to buy an European SIM card? Even if it is possible to buy a European SIM card, it is not in the price category that you can afford? . Do you want to save money on a SIM card and take advantage of the full functionality of European numbers? Then the best way out of this situation for you is to purchase a virtual SIM card. Just be careful that there are a lot of scam sites on the Internet that offer this service, but in reality they just take your money and do not provide the service. In order not to face such an accident, we recommend using the services of our SMS-MAN website.

Benefits of using a European phone numbers

You can buy a foreign phone number both for personal purposes and for doing business. Its use will provide you with a number of advantages compared to similar traditional telephony services:

  • Quality, reliability, speed;
  • Profitability;
  • Lack of linking the service to the address;
  • Possibility of conditional forwarding;
  • All settings are made independently;
  • Connection of multi-channel;
  • Ability to unite all offices and representative offices of the company, wherever they are.

All you need to use the number is a device connected to the Internet, no additional equipment or SIM cards.

Furthermore, we guarantee that registration through our service will be 100% successful, all our numbers are clean and accepted from any source without any problems or questions. You will be able to use your new account safely without any limits. As long as you need – you don’t have to worry about blocking risks or other administrative issues.

How to buy European virtual phone numbers in SMS-Man?

This issue has a very simple answer. In this article, we will demonstrate you in detail how to purchase European phone numbers for registration in different European services at the minimal price. Proceed from our step-by-step guide to purchase European virtual phone numbers in a few minutes:

1. Register in our website. It is easy, rapid, and safe. Your email is the only thing required for this. Your other personal information will not be requested.

Register at to buy a virtual phone number Europe

2. Fill up your balance simply by using a convenient method to gain access for purchasing numbers.

Make a payment to get a Europe virtual number

3. Go to the main page of our store and choose a country of a mobile operator. You can select any option regardless of your actual place of residence or location.

Buy a Europe virtual number at the cheapest price at

4. Choose any service from the list on which you want to create an account or something else.

Buy European virtual phone numbers for SMS verification on any services

5. Copy  the number just by clicking it from your profile and paste it into the registration form.

Copy the virtual phone number Europe you bought at

6. After the service chosen will send you a verification code, return to the page “Request History” and receive it. And the latest step is to copy the received code and paste it in the form.

How to obtain a European virtual phone numbers for free?

As you can see from the guide above, using our services is easy and convenient. Yet, in case you face any difficulties such as the inability to add funds, you can use our free service on Telegram. With it, everyone can do up to 6 activations on a single app per day. To say more, every new phone number has a dialing code from a different country. So, since this feature is free, it is definitely worth trying.

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