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How to create Line without phone number

Wondering how to create a Line account for the first time or acquire a second personal page? Explore the new article from SMS MAN!

As practice shows, users of any service do not want to limit themselves to one account. Some people want a second personal account to keep track of information they don’t want to share on their main personal page. Some people want a second account to be personal and the main account to be working. Someone wants a new social networking account so they can spy on the pages of former partners without being seen.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the point is the same: you have to get around the restriction of using only one personal page in a social network or application or service to create a second account.

What is the problem with registering a second line account or a second account on any social network?

The answer is very simple. It’s not possible to register different accounts on the same phone number. Earlier in the social network VKontakte, at the very beginning of its existence, it was still possible to bypass this point. It was possible to register two different accounts on the same mobile number, provided that the accounts had different passwords to log in. But that was a long time ago.

Now, in any social network, platform or service, personal accounts are accounted for only by the login that the user uses. And the login is either an email or a cell phone. As practice shows, the main emphasis is on the cell phone number.

Is it possible to do without using a cell phone?

When registering you have the opportunity to enter a mobile number as a login, or use a third-party service to log in to the application.

The problem is that when using a third-party service login, mostly everyone chooses Google, your account is tied to the email address of Google Mail. That’s not a bad thing, and it’s not a good thing. Their disadvantage is that the line account application, and not only it, will constantly ask you to link your personal account to your cell phone number. Apparently, it’s easier for companies to track personal accounts if they are tied to mobile numbers after all. This phenomenon is easy to explain. You always have your cell phone at your fingertips and quickly accessible. But postal addresses are beginning to lose their former popularity, as they did in 2000-2010.

How do you create a second Line account without using your personal mobile number?

We advise you to register a new account with a cell phone number. But what if you have one SIM card and therefore only one mobile number can be used for registration? Or if it is already used for the main social network account?

Here we are left with two solutions:

  1. Purchase a new mobile number with a physical SIM card at any mobile network operator’s store.
  2. Use a virtual mobile number for quick registration in any application or service.

What is a virtual mobile number?

A virtual mobile number allows you to register with an application. This number costs up to 1 dollar. The SMS MAN online service can help you get a virtual mobile number

SMS MAN provides virtual numbers for all countries and cities for fast registration in absolutely any social network.

For example, to quickly create a new Line account you need

  1. Go to the SMS MAN website to purchase a mobile number to register.
    Login to your personal office or register your personal account.
  2. Select the country whose number you want to purchase.
    line account
  3. Select an application or service.
    line account
  4. Sign in to the app and choose to register a new account.
    Use the virtual number purchased from SMS MAN.
    line account
  5. Enter the SMS activation code.
    Comes to the SMS MAN website. From there you can copy it and enter it in the app.
  6. Congratulations, you have a new line account registered with a virtual number for 0.38 $.

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