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Tiktok verification: how to create multiple accounts

create multiple Tik Tok accounts

Tik Tok is an international platform for video bloggers. Users share interesting content on their channels, and their account can be well monetized – it is not without reason that many young millionaires appeared in this application. For those who use this social network both for personal blogging and for earning, it will be convenient to create multiple Tik Tok accounts – a convenient system of switching between accounts is created inside the application.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts in Tik Tok at the same time?

There is no prohibition on the second, third or tenth registration in the application. You can have as many channels as you want and delete them if they are no longer needed – there is no violation of the service rules. The administration of the application only encourages content creators, because with interesting videos you only stimulate the development of the social network and attract more people to it.

Pros and cons of using two accounts

The main advantage of using multiple profiles is convenience. You can separate personal, business, and additional hobbies into several different profiles and not have content jumbled between them. Sometimes re-registering becomes a simple necessity: for example, when a person has a personal blog and an online store at the same time, or if a person provides development services and other people’s channels.

Some bloggers have two or even three pages for personal purposes. They do this in order not to mix content from different topics. For example, on one channel you can post tips on self-care, on the second – the secrets of cooking, and on the third – funny cases of life, and the same blogger can do it under a single personal brand.
Common mistakes when using multiple accounts Inexperienced users often make one of the common mistakes when using multiple profiles: Installing the application on multiple devices (sometimes even resorting to tricks with an emulator on the computer) to be able to always open one of the pages.

This is quite inconvenient, and, moreover, there is no need for such complex manipulation – in the application on one device, you can add up to five pages to quickly move from one to another. Trying to promote their page with re-registrations. This is simply inefficient: two or three likes and comments from clones can’t do much, and creating a large number (fifty, one hundred, one hundred and fifty) of re-registrations is just a waste of time. It’s much more useful to just focus on the quality of your channel promotion – creating interesting content, getting into recommendations and communicating with your audience. With proper diligence, Tic Tok algorithms will allow you to quickly get into recommendations, and you won’t need to use workarounds to do so. They use re-registrations for spamming. You can get banned for this – and from all accounts.

Tik Tok

Where can I get a virtual number?

The second account may not be created, if the user uses the same data as the first account. You can register a new page only with the phone number, e-mail address, and nickname you have never used before in the system. If you don’t have a second phone number you can create an account with a virtual number. To do this you need to use the services of sites that sell virtual numbers. One of these sites is the site Sms-man, there you can buy a phone number of any country and be registered with this number.

You have two ways to receive an sms with a confirmation code
1. You can rent a number and get unlimited sms with confirmation code to your number. With one such number you can register several services at once. Not only Tik-Tok, but, for example, Telegram, WhatsApp and many other services.
2. You can buy a disposable virtual number, this service is cheaper. If you buy a disposable number, you can get only one sms for a particular service. You will receive one confirmation code, after that you won’t be able to receive any more sms to that number. If you know that you will need to receive sms repeatedly, it is better to use a rental number.

How to buy a virtual number for create multiple accounts in Tik Tok

Go to Sms-man site, register with your e-mail. After that you need to refill balance on your account. There are a lot of ways to pay, you can choose the most suitable for you. Now you can start buying:
1. Choose the country of the number; more than 200 countries are available on the website.
2. 2. Click on “Buy” button.


3. Now the purchased virtual number is added to your personal cabinet.
Use this number to create an account in Tik-Tok

Tik tok
4. After that, go back to the Sms-man website and click on “Get sms”. Your code will appear next to your phone number on the site.
5. Enter the code in Tik-Tok, fill in your data to create a profile. Now you can use your account!

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