How to make anonymous Tinder account without phone number
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How to make anonymous Tinder account without phone number

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In the age of websites and Internet people find out new ways to make friends, dates and so on. Tinder is the first dating app that is well-known and widely used worldwide.

According to statistics, dating apps is the most attacked source by hackers. It is clear: in such apps you can find everything about person: photo, name, accounts in other social networks (like Instagram for example). I will tell you how to use Tinder without phone number for your security and privacy.

Why Tinder needs phone number?

Tinder have to know lots of information about user to allow him usage of app. And first and main step of getting information is Tinder phone number bypass. It is made to cut out bots, who (in the most) can’t receive SMS and enter confirmation code. So the first step to save your data is to use fake phone number for Tinder.

Can I use Tinder without phone number? tinder-sign-up

At first step of sign up we can see 3 options of making Tinder: Facebook, Google and mentioned phone number. Of course, you can think that when you use Google or Facebook page to log in, privacy terms will save you from data leaks. But according to last things in the world of AAA services, we can’t rely on. The safest way is to use fake phone number for Tinder.

How can I get phone number for Tinder?

There are lots of services that provide burner phones (it works like 15-minute mail for example). On the net you can find free and paid systems. But you should understand that in free services 1 phone number can be used for several people, so every person will have access to your login info. Let’s stop at paid services.

Buying cheap temporary number at SMS-Man

SMS-Man is one of the most reliable source for OTP SMS-activations and I will show you how easily it can be used.

At first let’s come the main page. Then find easy sign up form (of course without using your real phone number). smsman-sign-up

After easy sign up procedure top up balance. For our security service allows to pay with cryptocurrency. sms-man-payment

Now we have positive balance, so we can buy Tinder fake number. I will use US phone number, but if it is expensive for you, you can use India, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other cheap countries.


Bought number will be shown in header of website. Copy that by left click and return to Tinder sign up.


Type this number and click continue tinder-with-fake-phone

Here we see that code was sent, so we have to return to SMS-Man to get our code. tinder-otp

Click Get SMS near to number. If SMS received you would see OTP. Copy it and enter in Tinder form.sms-man-sms-received

Code was correct, so we see field to enter e-mail. Here you can write 15-minute email without any restrictions. tinder-emailtinder-email-enter

I entered 15-minute and went to the next step, if you didn’t make mistakes, you will see the same thing. tinder-policy

Of course we agree with that and go to last sign up form. I won’t show you optional graphs, but here we see something like that. tinder-last-form

We have to add at least 2 photos to continue! But we can easily get it from AI. I will get 1 AI photo and 1 logo without any meaning. tinder-fake-photo

Last step is to click Continue and allow Tinder to use your location. tinder-location

You can use VPN with changing Chrome settings or at phone, to give fake location. This way nobody will find you by leaked data.

It is not only but the most reliable way to make fake Tinder account without phone number from your own. This guide can save you from huge leaks and breaks connections between different social networks (I suppose you understand why these connections are very bad for your data). Use SMS-Man and be save in the Internet! And of course find your girl or boy and start dating in love!
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