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How to get a fake chinese phone number for verification


chinaHave a sunny day and good food, everyone. China is one of the superpowers in this world. Every day you can see the Chinese flag among the news headlines. Today, let’s talk about where you can get a China phone number to register in Chinese services.china sosland centennial cr adobe stock e x

A little bit of Chinese history

China is a very ancient state with rich history, culture and of course cuisine. The first written mention of this country dates back to 4000 BC. In 1911 there was a revolution, which turned the Chinese empire into a people’s republic. The Communist Party came to power in 1949 and is still in power today. Now, the authorities are afraid of the influence of Western culture and values on the Chinese people, which is why more and more services are blocked every year. In addition, the country has introduced a ban on the publication of negative content. So, if you start criticizing the party, spreading rumors or insulting someone on the Internet, the custodians of law will definitely come to you and give you a penalty in the form of long years in prison or if you are too persistent, perhaps even impose capital punishment.


If you happen to have the desire or need to create an account in the Chinese service, but you don’t have a local number, just buy a virtual number for a china phone number confirmation of registration, or take a number on long-term lease, if you want to be able to restore access to your account or to confirm transactions in the future.


We advise you to buy all virtual numbers from SMS-MAN. New services are added every day (We currently have over 2000+ services). And support will help you with questions and can even give you a discount if you made a big top up.


Where to get a China phone number

Also, if you want to make money with SMS-MAN. Write to our Telegram or leave an application for cooperation on the website. To start earning with us you will need a GSM or GOIP modem and a new SIM card which will allow you to receive sms confirmation.


First of all, we need to create a personal profile on the SMS-MAN site:


Go to (link is clickable).

Register a personal account. For this you will need an email. No verification of identity or verification using your phone number.

Then confirm the account by going to the specified email and clicking on the link offered

Next, you need to fund your account by one of the suggested ways. For example, using cryptocurrency, a bank card or Payeer.

The account is ready to buy virtual numbers.

So, in order to buy a Chinese number for registration in services you will need:

There are two options for numbers that you can purchase from the site. One is disposable numbers, which you can get just one code for. The number is valid for 15 minutes.

To purchase such a number go to the home page, look for China in countries. If it is not in the suggested ones, press the button that opens the whole list, which is in the bottom left corner of the countries, and enter the name in Russian or Chinese. Below is a list of all available services. After purchasing the number will appear at the very top of the page. Near the number will be two buttons, one “get sms”, the second “cancel”. After the service has asked for a confirmation code sent to the number given to you.

The second option of purchase is a long-term lease.

This option is suitable for those who want to have full control over the registered account. The purchase of the number occurs on a separate tab “Rental”.

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