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How to earn online with a referral program from SMS-Man

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SMS-Man is a well-known platform for working with all kinds of solutions in the virtual telephony industry. You can use it to enjoy virtual, temporary, and fake phone numbers both short and long-term. But it is not only about selling services. There is also an opportunity for users to earn money in two ways. Those ways are providing SIM cards and inviting new users within the referral program. On the whole, the second way is much more convenient and easier as there is no need to purchase any hardware or something. Below we will answer all possible questions about how it works and what to do.

What is referral program from SMS-Man?

Every commercial project depends on customers and tries to attract as many as possible. Thus, almost each of them has such a feature as a referral program. Its main goal is to stimulate the distribution of information about service. SMS-Man has this feature too. You don’t even have to be a regular customer in order to use it. It is enough to create an account on the platform. Thus, it doesn’t take making any investments.

Every user earns 3% from the spending of invited users. Payments are made at our expense. In addition, unlike other similar services, we don’t limit earnings in any way. You can get profits from invited users as long as there is spending on their side. The minimum withdrawal amount is set at $10. Withdrawing funds takes 24 hours from submission and can be done in many different ways including bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.

How to create a referral link?

Want to earn comission from referrals? It’s all about sharing an appropriate link for registration with those who want to use such services. This link is nothing special. It just includes the referral code of a certain user. You can shorten it with special tools or make hyperlinks with it just like with any other link. Here is how to create one:

1. Register a profile at

2. Verify it with the link sent to provided email address.

3. Log in to your account.

4. Open the profile page.

5. Find the referral link on the appropriate tab.

Here it is. You can earn money from referrals now. Just start sharing this link among those who would like to take advantage of virtual phone numbers for one or another purpose.

Where to promote a service with the created link?

You are allowed to share your referral link wherever it fits. Basically, everyone always decides for themselves. Those can be thematic forums, blogs, chats on instant messengers, and even your own website. You can also just share it with friends or place it on special articles that review similar services like ours. But doing it with relevant articles often costs some money. There are many ways to share a referral link for free though. They all are available for you to go.

Can I register my own accounts under referral program?

Multi-accounting is restricted by a lot of online services due to its unfairness. We do it too. You cannot register several accounts under your referral link and earn profits by using them. Such accounts are pretty easy to reveal on our side if required. Moreover, if revealed, there is a high chance of not getting any profits at all even if there are some real users too. So we don’t recommend trying such an approach for those who are going to earn money from referrals.

How to request income withdrawal?

You can see that there is no withdrawal request button on the referral page. The process goes in a bit different way. In order to request the withdrawal of earned funds, it is necessary to contact us directly and make a request. There are two ways for this. Those are online chat on the website and chat on Telegram. You can use any of them without a doubt to get in touch with us and money earned with our referral program. Transaction will be completed within 24 hours since then.

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