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Poshmark app: sign up without phone number

Poshmark phone number

With the development of digital technologies, online stores have taken an important place in the lives of many people from all over the world. So nowadays there are a lot of questions about how to get a Poshmark phone number. It is especially true for those who are not from the USA, Canada or Australia since citizens of only these countries are able to use this platform which is one of the most popular internet marketplaces at the moment. SMS activation service SMS-Man provides a simple and affordable solution for this issue.

Buy clothing and shoes easily with Poshmark app or website

Poshmark app is a social commerce marketplace that was launched in 2011. Over time it has been heavily invested in by a lot of reliable commercial companies and attracted more than 10 million buyers and sellsers in the USA, Canada, Australia. At this moment this platform is valued at more than $3 billion and offers both options to buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes, accessories and supplies.


Being a popular marketplace, it cooperates with all world famous and high-quality brands. Nike, Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Louis Vuitton: those are one of the few companies that sell on Poshmark their goods. So with its help users can buy even those things that are considered rare and most often not available for purchase in offline stores. The choice range is really wide and varied.

Signing up for Poshmark account without phone number

A lot of potential users wonder if it is possible to create an account without a Poshmark phone number. There is no issue with this. You can sign up for this platform with a Facebook account or mailbox from Gmail or another email service. But as in the case with the majority of other online marketplaces created this way profiles are not available for purchasing or selling goods. Without going through the verification process users can only check offers without the possibility to make orders. Poshmark phone number for receiving SMS online helps to deal with this issue easily.

How to get a virtual Poshmark phone number?

SMS-Man has a simple answer to this question. Using our service it is possible to get a Poshmark phone number from the USA, Canada or Australia to receive a verification code from the corresponding application in a couple of minutes. Follow this short instruction to find out in detail how it works:

1. Sign up for sms-man.com and log in with your created account.


2. Replenish your balance with a suitable payment method.


3. Switch back to the homepage and purchase a Poshmark phone number from USA, Canada or Australia.


4. Enter the received phone number on the account creation or verification page on the Poshmark app.

5. Click the “Get SMS” button to reveal a text message.

The last step is to enter the received verification code and finish the Poshmark signup or account verification process. If you need to create or activate another profile then simply repeat the steps from above. Poshmark phone numbers have no restrictions on use by one user so it is possible to create an unlimited amount of accounts.

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