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How to delete an account in KakaoTalk

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People spend most of their free time communicating on social networks and scrolling the news feed. This is a very irrational use of their resources, and therefore more and more users are thinking about how to partially or completely abandon such a pastime. So the question of how to delete an account in KakaoTalk is more than relevant.

If you need to create a new account after deleting it, you will not be able to do this to the old number, since it has already been used in the system. But on our website you always have the opportunity to buy a virtual number for registration in KakaoTalk for just 19 cents.

How to delete account in KakaoTalk

To delete your profile, you need to follow a simple instruction, it is identical, both for smartphones and for the computer version:

1. Click on the link:

2. A warning page should open, it is presented only in English. You can read it or immediately click on the “Confirm” button.

Как удалить какао толк: деактивация профиля

3. Next, we log in to kakao. Enter the email address, as well as the password.

4. Again, click the left mouse button on “confirm”. The system will ask you to enter the password again, enter it.

5. Next, a window should open, which shows all the applications associated with it. Cancel them.

Кнопка «confirm»

6. Now go to the last tab of the messenger and click on the icon with the settings, then find the “Privacy” section, select the last item. Activate “All data” and click “Delete account in Kakao Talk”. Here it is necessary to confirm the action.

7. Then we return to the browser tab and finish the procedure.

Consequences of deleting an account

Please note that following the instructions described above, you can lose not only data from KakaoTalk, but also access to Games and Story.

Also, deleting an account will cause the loss of correspondence, contacts, received files, and more. It will be possible to register again, if necessary, but there is no way to restore the previous data.

Problems that you may encounter

It happens that the user has read how to delete an account in KakaoTalk, but in practice it is impossible to perform these actions. This happens for several reasons:

  • I can’t untie the account from one of the services. This happens more often because of open financial issues, and therefore you need to check this nuance before deleting it. If this did not help, then you should immediately write to the support service with a corresponding request.
  • When you click on the deactivation button, nothing happens. The reason for this is excessive server load. In this case, try again after a while.

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