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How to delete a profile in Tinder

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Everyone has their own reasons that make you think about how to delete an account on tinder. Someone is just tired of communicating, someone wants to change the data in the questionnaire or has already found a couple. There can be many prerequisites for this, the result is the same – I want to delete the profile on a dating site.

How to delete a tinder page from your phone

It’s not difficult to do this, you just need to go to the settings and scroll to the very bottom. There should be a big “Delete account”button. After that, the application will offer two outcomes:

  • Pause my account – it is suitable if you want to take a break from communication for now. At the same time, messages and created pairs are saved. However, it will not be possible to find new acquaintances.

  • Delete my account – means the complete deletion of all information about you on this dating site.

If you decide to register on this dating site again, you need to enter your contact phone number or buy a virtual number on our site.

How to delete the Tinder app forever

Removing the app from your phone is much easier than deleting your profile on tinder. You just need to hold the icon and hold it until the “delete” button appears. You should click on it and the dating site will be deleted from your smartphone.

Please note that by removing the application from the phone, the questionnaire will not disappear, and therefore it is worth carefully studying the question of how to delete the tinder page from the phone.

How to delete a photo in tinder from your phone

To delete the photo in your profile, you should follow a simple instruction:

  1. First you need to get into your account.
  2. Then click on the “pencil”.
  3. After that, click on the cross next to the photo.

It is important to remember that the cross should be red on a white background, and not vice versa.

Deleting a dialog in tinder

There is only one way to get rid of dialogues in tinder – by removing the interlocutor from the pairs. To do this, click on the blue shield, which is located in the upper right corner. The “Remove from pairs” button will appear immediately. By clicking on it, the entire history of the dialogue with a particular person will disappear.

You can also get rid of messages by deleting the profile from tinder.

Why can’t I delete my tinder account

Quite often, it is not possible to delete an account in tinder. Although everything was done correctly, but such a message appears again and again. Most often, this problem occurs for users who have bought a paid subscription and have received a “shadow ban”on top of everything else.

This is done specifically so that a person either creates a new account on the site or decides to increase the tariff of a paid subscription by paying several times more money.

In this case, the question of how to delete a profile in tinder forever becomes even more relevant. After all, the system is trying to keep the user by all means.

If you have such a problem, then we proceed as follows:

  1. We find the tab “Help with payments”.
  2. Click “I want to request a refund”.
  3. After that, you should choose the appropriate platform.
  4. Do not forget to specify “tinder failed to delete the account”.

As a rule, consideration of the application takes about two days. After that, the problem with the inability to delete the profile is solved by itself, and the money comes to your account.

How to delete tinder from Facebook

In search of an answer to how to delete an account on tinder forever, you should not forget that you should also untie your profile from Facebook.

And to do this much faster, it is better to use a laptop. And then follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. We find “Settings and privacy”.
  3. Next, click on the “Applications and Sites” tab.
  4. Now we put a check mark next to tinder and click “delete”.

Now the profile from this dating site has been completely deleted. If you can’t delete your tinder account, then contact the technical service. Usually, the solution of such issues takes no more than 48 hours.


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