How do I recover my IG password: via phone, mail, Facebook
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How do I recover my password on Instagram: we act quickly and easily

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Forgot my Instagram password how do I ig recover instagram. Detailed instructions on how to do I recover my password on Instagram via phone number.

Have you changed your password, but suddenly it didn’t work? Or worse, have you been hacked? You can get into your account without a password. We will tell you how to handle it. Just follow the instructions.

The first way

Ig recover instagram via phone number

A quick and convenient option to do it via SMS. So, to do it via your phone number, you need to go to the application. On the login page, select the option “Need help”, then – “Login” and “Send SMS”. After that, the system will send a message to the number specified during account registration.

Important: this way is not relevant for users of iOS devices.

If you have completely lost access to your page and want to return to the insta as quickly as possible, we recommend using a virtual number to create a new account. Service “Sms-man” offers to buy a virtual number for registration in Instagram from 5 cents. It’s fast and convenient.

The second way

Reset a password Instagram via mail

You don’t know how to solve the problem, just open the service and click on “Help with login” (option for smartphones on IOS) or “Need help” (for Android fans).

ig recover instagram

On the ig recover instagram screen, click the Username tab and enter your own or the email address used during the registration of the account (if you do not remember either one, you will have to use the emergency way). So, the information is entered. It remains to get the login link.

ig recover instagram

The service will send a link to reset your password to the specified address. By clicking on it in the letter, the insta will move to the page for entering a new password. Remember to save all changes.

The third way

How do I reset my password on Instagram via Facebook

The service makes it possible to do this using Facebook data. The scheme of actions is simple:

  1. On the login screen, select “Need help” (for Android devices) or “Forgot your password?” (for iOS devices).
  2. Click “Log in with Facebook”:

ig recover instagram

 3. The system will offer to connect Instagram to your Facebook account – select “Continue”.

Ig recover instagram – additional help for smarts

In case you forgot your email, phone number and you don’t have Facebook, there is another effective option. He will help those who have forgotten their Instagram password, they don’t know how to recover.

For an Android device, you need to select “Use username or email”, then enter your name and click on the arrow (upper right corner). Select “Need more help” and follow the instructions.

For an iOS device, you will need to select the “Login Help” option:

When a new window opens, select the “Additional Help” option. Then “Submit Login Link” and follow the instructions.

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