How do I recover my IG password: via phone, mail, Facebook
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How do I recover my password on Instagram: we act quickly and easily

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If you need to know how to reset Instagram password, the first thing to remember is whether the page was additionally linked to an email address or Facebook. Having linked accounts to your page will make it much easier to regain lost access. From our article you will learn all the available ways by which you can restore your Instagram account, even if it was linked only to your SIM card.

I would like to note right away how to reset instagram password. But even if you couldn’t get access to your previous account back, you can always use the SMS-man services and buy a virtual number for Instagram registration for just 8 rubles. For detailed instructions on how to register using a virtual number, read here.

How to reset Instagram password

If you can’t log in to your account because you forgot which mailbox is linked to your account or just changed your SIM card forgetting to re-link your account to a new one. In this case, if you forgot your phone number, we restore it via e-mail:

1. To regain access to the account via email or phone, on the login page, click on the “Forgot password?”

2. Next, in the “Username” field, enter the linked email address to which the account recovery code will be sent.
3. Enter the received code in the appropriate field.

If you still do not have access to mail, then use another method — restore your account through the number. The procedure is the same, but on the recovery page, select “phone”.

How to restore an Instagram page without a phone number

To restore an Instagram account without a phone number, you need to write to the support service through a special form. To do this, perform the following actions:

  1. The Instagram page without a number, open the social network application (in the regular version on the PC there is no such possibility) and click on the inscription “Forgot your password?”.
  2. The site takes you to a page with a choice of how to restore access to Instagram. We are interested in a way that will help us regain access to an account without a phone number. Therefore, we press the button “can’t reset your password?”.
  3. After clicking on the button, you will see the Instagram Help center page. Here you need to select “Restore Instagram account password”
  4. Then follow the link as shown in the screenshot below and send a request to the support service to restore your account.

What will it take to restore an Instagram account without a number

A letter with questions will be sent to the specified e-mail to confirm that you are the account owner. Here are some of them:

  1. For what reasons access to the page was lost, and what is the last date of the account visit.
  2. The phone number or email address used to log in to the page.
  3. The device from which the registration was made. For example, an iPhone 12 running iOS.
  4. If the name of the page has changed during use, then specify the previous versions.

On average, the response comes within 2-7 days.

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