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How to Create a Weibo Account without a Phone Number

How to Create a Weibo Account without a Phone Number

Weibo is a major social media website (and app) on the Chinese Internet. It’s a local replacement for different social media websites banned or restricted in China, like Twitter and Facebook. This platform includes features from both apps in a fast-paced experience called “microblogging”.

Weibo is among the biggest social media apps in China, with almost 600 active users. Most are Chinese, but this recourse can be useful to non-Chinese customers, as well. But, sadly, the Weibo registration process needs a functional Chinese phone number.

Weibo Features and Benefits

Weibo is built around individual profiles releasing and sharing videos, pictures, and small posts. Similar to Twitter and Facebook, the idea is to spread user-created content and make it viral. There isn’t a set goal, though. Due to the fact that there is no specific theme, users can post and share anything (if correct with the terms of service).

What is Weibo inside? The main element of the user experience on Chinese platform is a microblog created and led by an individual. The usual logic is to attract followers through a constant posting of personal news, entertainment, or niche content. Weibo offers a very energetic experience, often focused on the blog’s author.

The app has a unique system of author leveling. A typical account can be professional, occupational, or regular. A level of a professional is earned by releasing high-quality content. The benefits are the obvious increase in views, a special account design, and more.

weibo account

Weibo is a neat and convenient app, for four reasons:

  • Simple navigation and layout;
  • Support of English language;
  • Extreme advertisement comfort;
  • Convenient sorting features.

It’s not perfect. For a Western user, regular Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are better choices. The app supports English, but most posts are in Chinese. It means they have to be translated by an imperfect mechanism. Moreover, some design choices might seem ugly or outdated to a Western user.

There are still reasons to create Weibo account. Outsiders visiting or living in China can benefit from large volumes of tips, entertainment, guides, opinions, and news spread on Weibo. It’s a unique source of such information, and registering on Weibo can be a huge boost. But unfortunately, you need a Chinese phone number to register.

The Weibo registration process

This Chinese social media is kind of available in various other countries. But, in practice, even US Weibo registration is impossible with any phone number besides a Chinese one. The needed verification code will simply not arrive. Buying a Chinese SIM card isn’t an option for most, so a Chinese virtual number remains the best option.

The Weibo registration procedure requires mandatory phone number verification. Even if you choose the email method first, the site will eventually ask for this information. However, you will only need your phone number once during registration, and it is not used for anything in the future. So there is no point in tying Weibo to your personal phone number.

In short, using a spare virtual number to create an account and in particular to register with Weibo is a sound principle. Users can easily purchase virtual numbers from one of the many sellers of such products online. Online numbers are generally cheap and convenient.

How to use a virtual Chinese number to register Weibo account

Such numbers are promising products you should think about if you value privacy and data safety. Now that you know how to create Weibo account without phone number, it’s time to discuss the actual purchase of virtual numbers. SMS-man offers plenty of Chinese numbers for sale.

SMS-man provides SMS verification services, so its virtual numbers are ideal to register on Weibo and other apps. Because you don’t really need a number after entering a verification code, consider buying a one-time virtual number.

virtual number for weibo

To buy Chinese virtual phone number, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the homepage and register. To speed up the process, you can use the quick login via social media.
  2. Go to “Top up my Balance” tab from the menu on the left and deposit the required amount into your account.
  3. Then return to the homepage and select “China” as your country, then search for “Weibo” in the search box.
  4. You may purchase one of the virtual numbers for Weibo by clicking on “Buy” button next to the selected service.
  5. The number is now displayed on the home page in your purchase history. Copy the phone number and paste it when you register on Weibo.
  6. To receive a text message sent with a code, go back to the SMS-man website and click ‘Get SMS’ opposite the purchased number.

Also, there’s an option to rent a number for a longer period with unlimited messages. It’s smart if you plan to create multiple accounts on different social media, besides just the Weibo registration. But to verify 1 account, a cheap disposable virtual message is fine.

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