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How to Complete StockX registration without a Phone Number

How to register and start selling on OLX without a phone number

StockX is a major marketplace that specializes in sneakers. Besides footwear, sellers can place listings on electronics, accessories, clothing, and more. Sneakers are the central product, but the brand produce in general is favored on StockX. It’s considered a marketplace for a young adult audience.

Being a marketplace, StockX offers broker functionality to sellers and buyers. They don’t sell anything but provide a comfortable environment to place bids and listings. Brands and individuals act as sellers. StockX, meanwhile, offers support, resolves disputes, and provides technical reliability. Sadly, you need a phone number to register here.

StockX Features & Benefits

What is StockX feature-wise? It’s a reliable platform that people largely visit to purchase sneakers at market price. At the brand stores, the prices are dictated by management, whereas app works as an auction house. The cost depends on the incoming bids, changing constantly.

StockX account

Compared to rival marketplaces, a StockX experience has these characteristics:

  • Focus on brand products, with a reliable authentication process for genuineness;
  • Prices dependent on supply and demand, often lower than at stores;
  • No user-to-user communication involved, just automated shopping;
  • All offers are anonymous to uphold privacy;
  • Excellent customer support;
  • Convenient website layout.

It’s advantageous on multiple counts. Compared to Shopee or Amazon, it’s a neat experience focused on brand products (including hardware like PS5). Sneakers take the limelight, but buyers can find plenty more clothing, accessories, and other commodities at reasonable prices.

People who sell on StockX enjoy low processing fees of 3%, a fast authorization process, and the same technical reliability. Selling on StockX is convenient and a good way to make money off genuine brand produce. Sadly, to buy or sell on this website, users need to register using their phone number, and that’s a no-no for many.

The registration process for the StockX Marketplace

To use the marketplace features, one needs to register a StockX account. It’s a straightforward process, but it does require several pieces of private information. The full name and the phone number are problematic, as many users are uncomfortable with disclosing personal info to a big business.

The name bit isn’t important, as StockX won’t double-check whether the name is real. Besides this and the number, users need to share an email and create a password. This info will be used to log into marketpl. The entire procedure doesn’t take much, but there are additional security measures inside like the StockX verification.

For verification, you must confirm the phone number via SMS. This marketplace deals with huge sums of money, so it is desirable to know everything about the buyer/seller. However, this is a serious breach of privacy for many users, prompting them to look for alternative verification solutions on StockX.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely avoid phone number verification. So what do you do in a situation where you don’t want to share your personal phone number? There is a way out. You can use an online service such as virtual numbers for SMS.

How to register StockX without a phone number

If you want to use StockX without a phone number, consider using a virtual phone number for registraton. The idea is to use a fake phone number for verification purposes, including on StockX. Virtual numbers work like regular numbers, except without a SIM card or any hardware in sight.

SMS-man is a service that offers such numbers, with a focus on receiving SMS messages. Customers can rent a long-term number for unlimited messages or a one-time verification message for a StockX account.

SMS man platform

To buy a virtual phone number, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and register. To speed up this process, you can sign in using your social media account;
  2. After logging into your account, you need to top up your balance. Go to the “Top up my balance” page from the menu on the left and deposit the amount you want to add;
  3. After the funds are credited, go to the home page, select the desired country and the service “StockX”;
  4. After that, click on “Buy” to add virtual number to your request history;
  5. Use this number during the registration process. When you need to receive the activation code, return to the SMS-man website and click on “Get SMS” next to the number you purchased;
  6. Enter the received code in the StockX Marketplace to complete the registration.

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