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How to create a account Twitter without phone number

How create accounts Potato chat without phone number

Probably even those who have never used, know or at least heard about Twitter. The network that makes headlines year after year. Presidents, politicians and business leaders never miss an opportunity to brag about their accomplishments, or simply to hold an Internet debate that will make headlines. In this article I’m show how to create twitter account without phone number.

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The real history of Twitter

But what, after all, is the blue bird attracting new users? Without going too far back in history, and to talk briefly about the company, it turns out that the service was released in March 2006, originally as a research project Odeo. At the very beginning there was a limit for posts of 120 characters, which is less than this paragraph in half!

In mid-April it became known that billionaire Elon Musk had begun buying Twitter. From the plans, which announced the billionaire is to make a full freedom of speech for everyone, as well as to introduce editable posts. But on May of 2022, the purchase was suspended because of the check of the social media for bots.

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How to make Twitter account without phone number?

Despite the constantly updated security system, Twitter still has data leaks, and numbers can be stored on servers due to company policy. That’s why it’s becoming more and more popular to sign up with a number other than your main number or a rented number altogether.

Now that you are inspired by this social network and are already thinking about posts for the next couple of months, you need to think about how to make your Twitter account without a phone number.

You can get a number for registration at a specialized site that provides virtual numbers for rent. One of them is SMS-man. Service proven by time and a large number of regular users. Support will help to quickly solve all problems and prices will pleasantly surprise you.

So, in order to register in Twitter we need:

– Complete a simple registration at
– Refill your account with a card or cryptocurrency
– Choose the desired country (advice from us to choose one of the Asian countries)
– In the list of services choose “Twitter”
– Paste the issued number in the Twitter registration window
– Get SMS confirmation code on the site
– Insert the code into the appropriate field
– It’s done!

You can also get a free virtual phone number for Twitter in our Telegram Bot. You must do all the steps described above.

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