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How to Create Skroutz Account without a Phone Number?

Create Skroutz Account without a Phone Number

What is Skroutz? Skroutz is a marketplace allowing easy online shopping across Greece & Europe. The service offers millions of products in electronics, clothing, self-care, etc., from brands worldwide. Advanced filtering options can enable you to find anything, while detailed product pages and price comparisons help you make well-informed decisions. 

Browsing products is freely accessible to everyone, a convenience not extended to purchases. To buy items in the Skroutz app, you must register, with the primary method being through your phone data. If anonymity is a concern, consider virtual phone numbers as an alternative. Below you can learn more about it and how this marketplace works!

What is Skroutz Like?

What is Skroutz Like?

There are two versions for mobile and browser users. Let’s take the website version for the overview before creating a Skroutz account. It welcomes users with a spectrum of features hidden in the interface. These include a search bar, categories, delivery location, language selection, your cart, and even user-generated content such as short videos.

Categories serve as navigational support to help you find items, from gadgets to groceries, clothing, and baby care essentials. Each main category is divided into sub-groups, providing a detailed breakdown of specific products on the Skroutz app. For instance, the ‘Home & Garden’ category contains sub-groups for tools, lighting, furniture & more. 

Promotions for selected products are showcased through features like ‘Popular Categories’ and ‘Offers for You’ digests, alongside traditional discounts & price drops. These incentives can be substantial, sometimes offering savings of 30% or even up to 50%. Some are available if you have a Skroutz account subscription, which also removes delivery fees.

Product pages contain valuable info, including visuals, main features, reviews, available variations (e.g. color or size), warranty information, store pickup options, and pricing history. Each is beneficial, with the latter being especially notable. This feature tracks the change in product cost over time and shows the number of shops selling it and its popularity throughout different periods.

What is Skroutz doing to stand out, beyond that? The marketplace enriches your shopping experience by offering a platform for user discussions about products. It provides the convenience of free returns and post-sales support to address any concerns after purchase. Moreover, it boasts affordable delivery across 24 countries, ensuring efficient shipping solutions for a broad client base.

Oppo app

How to Sign Up for the Skroutz App?

Now, what is Skroutz registration like? Creating an account is quick and straightforward, with five convenient options for registration: Google, Facebook, Apple, email, or phone number. Each method is designed to take a couple of minutes, ensuring you can begin shopping with minimal delay.

Browsing products on the marketplace is available to all without the need for registration, allowing you to freely explore the offerings. However, to proceed with a purchase, Skroutz sign up is necessary. This step ensures a secure and personalized experience, enabling you to take full advantage of its features. 

Your data remains confidential when using their service; it is neither published online, sold, nor shared with third parties such as marketing firms or banks. They maintain transparent and detailed terms of use and a privacy policy, both readily accessible for review at any time on their website or mobile application.

However, sharing such data as a phone number for Skroutz is risky nowadays. You can get exposed by hackers and stormed by spammers willing to lure you into fake schemes, loans, etc. So, if online security is your preference, consider SMS-Man’s virtual numbers as a workaround option to register for the service.

Skroutz Sign Up Using Virtual Numbers Explained

Virtual numbers are cloud-based assets, primarily utilized for anonymous calling, texting, and things like Skroutz sign up. Unlike traditional ones, these numbers do not require a SIM card for activation, nor do they need the disclosure of personal information such as location details. Fully compliant with legal requirements, they are openly available for purchase online.

The user experience can vary significantly depending on the provider. SMS-Man offers disposable numbers specifically designed to receive verification codes for Skroutz and over 1500 services across 200 countries. For less than $1 apiece, SMS-man makes accessing a phone number for Skroutz both easy and affordable.

virtual phone number from sms man

Would you like to buy a number and complete your anonymous account in Skroutz? Check this stepwise guide:

  1. Join by creating an account, then sign in.
  2. Find the ‘top up’ option at the top, deposit some money.
  3. Select the country and service for the number.
  4. Click ‘buy SMS’, add the number to your profile.
  5. Use the number during registration.
  6. Return to SMS-man to receive the verification message.
  7. Click ‘receive SMS’ near the purchased number, and submit it to create an account.

That’s how the answer to ‘What is Skroutz registration with a one-time number?’ is like. If you’d like to rent a number, check out one of many guides on SMS-man’s blog.

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