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How to Get Apple ID Verification Code Without Phone Number?

Get Apple ID Verification Code Without Phone

Things like the App Store, iCloud, or its online payment service have become indispensable, leading to the company’s huge success but also some challenges about how easy they are to use. To keep everything secure and user-friendly, the company came up with the process for Apple ID creation.

Finishing an account means you can automatically enter the company’s apps, unlock some integral functions, and improve safety. So, how to create an account and why it matters, specifically? Check out this guide to figure out. It’ll also cover how to verify it using a virtual number.

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What is Apple ID Used For?

The main benefit you get after you register an account and receive an Apple ID verification code is safety. Advanced encryption algorithms and technologies like Secure Enclave, cryptographic keys, and others make your info well-protected from hacks unless you share signup details online.

With the ID system, all your devices can link up into a single network. This means you can share everything—purchases, messages, cloud storage, books, podcasts, tunes, news, photos, notes, how your devices look and work—across all your gadgets. So, after you complete Apple ID creation, use them wherever, whenever, seamlessly.

It also lets you track down a lost device with the Find My app, a special convenience in places you don’t know well. Plus, there’s Family Sharing. For example, this feature lets you share paid service subscriptions with your loved ones, and everyone can pick their favorites.

Another benefit of signing up and receiving an Apple ID verification code is that you can enter the company’s online forums to reach assistance services and chat with other users. Moreover, you can log in to hundreds of third-party apps & websites automatically.

The user ID system makes life easier for the company’s customers, letting them use its devices and apps smoothly and safely. Now that you know the answer to ‘What is Apple ID used for?’, it’s time to explore what you need to get your account set up and verified.

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Apple ID Creation Process — Explained

It offers several ways to sign up for an account, suitable for iPhone, iPad, & Vision Pro users, Mac owners, Windows PC users, those visiting their website, and accessing the App Store. Each method in its way first involves you finding a button to start, and then following the onscreen instructions. Here are the details it requires to register:

  • Email
  • Device region
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Payment method
  • Billing information

Do you need a phone number for an Apple ID? According to the company’s guidance articles, it requires this data to confirm who you are and recover the account if necessary. You can also enable two-factor authentification, which has several options about how it will send a six-digit code, including your phone’s SMS inbox.

You’ll have to confirm your number and email by a letter and an SMS, respectively. The SMS message will include an Apple ID verification code, which you’ll then need to submit to finish registration. Notably, you can ask them to create an iCloud email address to use instead of a regular one.

SMS-man advises against sharing your phone number and other details. They highlighted an independent study from MIT showing that, between 2021 and 2022, hackers got their hands on 2.6 billion data records. Some of these records likely included Apple account information, which could be used for sending spam.

Make Apple ID without phone number and opt for virtual data instead! It doesn’t need your identity details, hence making it easier to stay anonymous.

Get an Apple ID Verification Code to a Virtual Number

The company’s ID system treats virtual numbers just like regular ones, sending the same confirmation message. You don’t need a SIM card or to give out personal information because this data operates completely in the cloud. So, in case of a leak, your real phone data will stay untouched.

Their usage for an Apple ID verification code is legal. They’re openly sold by many online vendors offering various services. Some numbers can make calls and send texts, but others are specifically for receiving texts only. SMS-Man specializes in this second type.

This service offers temporary numbers that receive messages from 2,000+ apps, websites, games, and identification systems requiring phone confirmation. You can also pick from 200 countries, all for less than $1 apiece.

virtual phone number from sms man

If you’re interested, here’s a detailed guide on how to purchase and use them to make Apple ID without phone number:

  1. Visit, create or sign in to your account.
  2. Add a small sum to your balance in the side area.
  3. Click on ‘purchase SMS’ on the main page.
  4. On the new page, select the service and the nation.
  5. Find the virtual number in your History.
  6. Specify it, request a code.
  7. Return to the website, press ‘receive SMS’ in your cabinet
  8. Confirm the Apple ID verification code to complete.

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