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How to Create 163mail Account without a Phone Number?

Create 163mail Account without a Phone Number

163 Mail is one of the largest Chinese services that allows you to send and receive letters and files, organize them into categories, and more. Its easy-to-use interface and handy features have made it one of the most popular online platforms both at home and internationally.

It is part of NetEase’s product suite, including a music app, cloud storage, e-commerce platforms, and more. Signing up is free, but there are paid options for those seeking advanced features. You might need a number to create a 163 email account. If you’re not going to share it, this guide can help! But first, let’s explore what the service offers.

What is 163Mail

What is 163Mail?

This email exchange system has a huge influence on China’s internet space, providing a stable connection to 900+ million people. Users can register a free private or paid corporate account, with different domains for those willing to spend extra money for their address’s customization. 

Unlike Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook, the Chinese 163Mail platform stands out with a few unique features, focusing on stability, ease of use, and design simplicity. You can send and receive emails, and store them automatically into pre-set folders like unread, spam, promotions, inbox, and social media, among others. The letters you send can include text, pictures, video, & bigger files.

For better navigation, you can create custom folders, search for emails, and filter them out by topic, sender, receiver, size, or date. They also let you schedule emails, make a draft, tag letters as important, view their contents without opening them, and delete them from your 163 email account

Embracing the seamless experience that service offers, starting your journey with this email service is a breeze. Whether you’re looking to keep personal conversations in a neatly organized space or aiming to elevate your business communications, registering for an account is a straightforward step into simplified, efficient email management. 

163mail registration

How to Create a 163 Email Account?

To finish signing up, you’ll need to pick a username that will be part of your email address. You’ll also create your account’s password. After you’ve completed the registration for 163 mail, there’s an extra step to verify your account. Simply enter your phone number and receive the SMS code.

Submitting your phone data is mandatory, enabling you to send emails and fully use the chinese email service. In addition, It’s a measure to ensure your security and help recover your account if necessary. Plus, it might be a requirement under Chinese law, which also obliges all local companies to share user data with the government.

Despite being a Chinese email service, it doesn’t request the number based on a local SIM card. You can share a phone number that runs foreign national codes and start using the service seamlessly. Still, it’s best not to give them your information because no one knows how it will be used. Consider an alternative option of a temporary phone number offers by SMS-Man.

How to Create 163 Email Account without a Phone Number?

Temporary phone numbers are powered by cloud-based software that doesn’t require passport details, SIM cards, or mobile device information. Some can make calls and send messages, while others are designed specifically for tasks like verifying at 163com in China or elsewhere.

They operate entirely online, and you can purchase them from web-based services at a reasonable cost. SMS-Man offers one-time phone numbers for less than $0.5. They can receive confirmation messages with a code that you submit to complete your account.

After finishing, you’ll be able to email in China and other countries without revealing your identity to the service. SMS-Man supports 2000+ apps and 150 different countries, so you’ll have plenty of options for maintaining privacy across various platforms.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here is how to purchase a temporary phone number for 163 Mail:

  1. Open the platform, then go through a simple registration.
  2. Refill your account with the required amount in the ” Top up balance” page.
  3. Now go back to select the country for your phone number.
  4. Then find Mail163 email service and click on the “Buy SMS” button.
  5. Find your temporary phone number in the “History” section and copy it with one click.
  6. Enter it when registering for the service and wait for the confirmation code.
  7. In your SMS-Man profile, tap “Get SMS” next to the number to request the code.
  8. Enter the code to complete the account creation.

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