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How to Unlock a LinkedIn Account?

How to Unlock a LinkedIn Account

If you are getting blocked on LinkedIn, you are probably in the recruiting business and are actively emailing job seekers about available jobs. Then, why did the platform restrict your account?

In the article, we will find out what you need to unblock on LinkedIn as well as exploring necessary requirements for registering a new account.


Why is My LinkedIn Blocked?

LinkedIn is one of the leading global social networks for business people that enables professional communication and networking with specialists from the various industries and business areas. Moreover, it is one of the most well-optimized platforms for recruiters to search for talents and publish job applications.

Nevertheless, the social network’s algorithms are constantly updated, which complicates the search for candidates.

And since many HR managers use it as the main recruiting source, for them, getting the account blocked on LinkedIn may appear close to a disaster. In this case, they will lose contact with candidates they already have connections and active dialogues with.

Possible Reasons why LinkedIn Blocked

Possible Reasons why LinkedIn Blocked

  • You send generic messages in bulk. If you do so, LinkedIn will most likely mistake you for a bot. In addition, candidates can also react negatively to default messages from LinkedIn members such as “Join my professional network.” The applicant can click the “I don’t know this person” button, which can also lead to account blocking.
  • You have too many ‘pending’ requests. If you have sent more than 700 requests that have stuck with users, this may also serve to get your account on LinkedIn blocked. To prevent this from happening, you can withdraw the request. To do this, follow the chain: My Network → Manage → Sent → Withdraw. You can send another request for the same person after 3 weeks. Though, if you submitted a request a few days ago, do not cancel it because it may still be accepted.
  • You use automation services. LinkedIn’s ToS prohibits the use of third-party automation services. However, if you do not exceed the established limits, blocking is unlikely. Also, remember that you cannot use more than one automation service simultaneously.
  • Your SSI rating is low. SSI is a rating that shows the “quality” of a profile. There are four meeting criteria in which you can get 100 scores in whole. The ranking is influenced by relevant contacts, the number of posts and comments on the page, the popularity of publications and other factors. To maintain a high SSI, keep the response rate at 40–50%, visit not more than 100 profiles per day, and do not send more than 100 friend requests per week.

How to Unblock on LinkedIn?

If you have violated any of the site’s rules, LinkedIn may impose a temporary or permanent block on your account. The timing will be based on the severity of the reasons. For minor violations, the platform may block you for a day. It happens, for example, due to viewing too many pages. You will receive a notification when it lifts the block.

If you were permanently blocked on LinkedIn, ask the support about the reasons and clarify on how you can correct the situation. Typically, it may take time, but if you communicate politely and make reasonable arguments, you will eventually be unblocked.

Given that, the support can also ask you to provide personal documents for account verification and answer additional questions. Check that the last name is the same as in your LinkedIn profile.

Also, if you have two profiles on LinkedIn, this can be a reason that you got blocked on LinkedIn as well. To get unblocked, the platform will ask you to merge accounts into one.

If your communication with support has not resulted in unblocking, the only way to return to the social network is to create a completely new account.

How to Create New LinkedIn Account?

Registration on the platform is extremely simple and does not take much time. The main thing is to carefully fill out information about your previous jobs, the responsibilities you performed, and the skills you acquired. But at the first stage of registration, you need to submit your first and last name (they must be real), email address and password into the form. Next, the platform will ask you for a phone number to confirm registration. After entering the OTP, click “Join” to complete registration.

However, if you have no mobile phone number on hand or providing your real phone number is not convenient for you, as an alternative for a phone number for LinkedIn, you can use the temporary virtual number service.

Among other things, the use of such numbers will make it possible not to reveal your geolocation.

How to create LinkedIn without a Phone Number?

The SMS-Man offers the possibility to obtain a virtual phone number for getting a confirmation code on 1000+ web and mobile applications. Among supported services, you can find email providers, instant messengers, social networks, payment systems, and many more. Thus, it suits well if you want to create new LinkedIn account.

Since the platform issues phone numbers for over 190 countries, you can register from any geolocation you want. The advantages of virtual numbers are that they work via special equipment on the provider’s side and don’t require SIMs. With SMS-Man, you can obtain a disposable phone number or rent one with a rental period of up to 3 months. The price is also very affordable, starting from $0.14 per one-time use number.

virtual phone number from sms man

Further, there are instructions on how you can receive a virtual phone number for LinkedIn account confirmation:

  1. Join via Google+ or fill out the registration form.
  2. Go to the “Top Up my Balance” tab and deposit money to the balance.
  3. For receiving a one-time password, open “Receive SMS” in the left menu.
  4. Select the appropriate country and search for LinkedIn among services.
  5. Click the “Buy” button next to the selected service.
  6. At the bottom of the page, copy the phone number from the ‘History’ section and use it for LinkedIn.
  7. Then, return to the SMS-man page and request a code by clicking ‘Receive SMS’ near the number.
  8. Wait for the code and apply it to create new LinkedIn account.

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