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How to Create Account without a Phone Number?

Create Account without a Phone Number

What is is a service that provides you with an email exchange system that supports oversized mailbox storage & letter volume. Alongside this product, it offers a wide array of functions supposed to increase user comfort regarding security, corporate management, and time control.

This valuable platform will especially come in handy for students & businessmen sharing vast amounts of data. You can join its community by registering a account. A phone number plays its role during registration, but SMS-man can help you avoid its submission if needed. But first things first, what is this service like? Let’s found out.

What is

What is

The service focuses on an email exchange system, which allows you to send messages up to 50MB, and keep them in storage that holds up to 20GB. Both figures are well above those of the competition. You can access the service from PC and mobile using a free account.

It runs advanced spam protection measures, including automatic and manual filters, which can detect phishing or scam messages, inappropriate ads, etc. You can view the letters before opening them, send them to the trash zone, sort them out by name, subject, time frame, even make mailing lists for automatic sending. 

They allow you to choose a domain while registering at app, be it,, or a custom paid-for one. Each of the options meets a different purpose. The first is useful for personal use, the second for businesses, and the latter allows you to put your brand name in the domain to increase recognition. 

For people with greater needs, they provide the app subscription. It opens access to 300 GB of storage, unlimited daily email sending, enhanced mailing lists of up to 350 recipients per message, linked accounts, backup options & an ad-free experience. 

The subscription is available on a monthly, yearly, or three-year basis, with €0.58 enough for the lowest tier of the latter plan. Whatever the plan, they enable the common rules of security for all users to match the General Data Protection Regulation practices.

What is, besides email service? They offer a calendar, contact management tools, file sharing, even a dating app with 50K+ users. If you’re interested in a quick and reliable emailing service, consider joining its global community by registering an account. SMS-man will tell you how.

Mail ee website

How to Create Account?

To create an account here, you can start by visiting the app’s official website and clicking the ‘sign up’ button. You’ll be forwarded to the registration procedure, where you’ll need to fill in the necessary fields. What is asking for an account? Your first & last name, password & nickname. 

A phone number and external electronic address will be requested for verification and possible recovery purposes. You can fake this data using third-party services, such as temporary numbers or disposable email providers. SMS-man is at your service in the field of substitute numbers.

Easy Solution for Registration & Verification

Temporary numbers use cloud-based software applications instead of classic SIM cards to operate. They’re widely used for purposes like anonymous registration and phone verification, considering their ability to receive SMS messages with codes from applications. Their huge bonus is that they accept any country code. 

All you need for one of them is an Internet-connected device, 5 minutes of your time, and a minuscule amount of money, totaling just $1. This is certainly more cost-effective than any SIM card, and you won’t have to visit any physical branches. They work in an online space, with no personal details needed. 

What is doing when you submit such a number? It lets you in the community, with no concerns & double checks. These numbers don’t violate their privacy policy, nor do they break the law. You can use them unnoticed because nobody can trace you down, too. 

SMS-Man sells temporary phone numbers that are stable in 1,500+ services and have the above-mentioned features. The catch is that they cannot make calls & send messages. But you’re not going to do that. You need an anonymous login confirmation—and SMS-man will come in handy here.

virtual phone number from sms man

What is Signup Using a Temporary Number?

The process is not time-consuming, you just need to follow a straightforward tutorial, detailed below:

  1. Join or get in using social media
  2. Find the ‘top up” option, refill your balance.
  3. Select Thailand as the country & Kaidee as the service.
  4. Click ‘buy SMS,’ add the number to your profile.
  5. Use the number during registration.
  6. Return to SMS-man to receive the message.
  7. Click ‘receive SMS’ near the number, use the code when asked.
  8. Finish up the registration.

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