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How to Shopping on Meesho without a Phone Number?

How to Shopping on Meesho without a Phone Number?

What is Meesho? Meesho is a popular e-shopping service from India. It offers a marketplace focused on but limited to beauty items, accessories, and clothing for men & women. Companies sell these products, but there’s also room for individual users.

They request sensitive data such as a mobile number to enable full access to the site’s features, but there is an option to bypass this rule. You can start your Meesho online shopping with a virtual number powered on Indian codes. SMS-man offers this product for a small price. Below, you can learn how to obtain it.

What is Meesho app

What is Meesho?

Let’s take a closer look at what Meesho has to offer. This online shopping platform has a website and a mobile app serving as a hub for product categories, listings, suppliers, etc. To make a purchase, post a listing or leave a comment about an item, you will need an authorized Meesho account.

You can browse through over 700 different product groups on their platform. Easily search for items by name, code, category, or specific keywords. Every product has a picture for simplified navigation. Plus, their advanced filters let you narrow your options by price, location, brand, type, color, & more if needed.

They have temporary promotions, verification badges for sellers, and a rating system for these sellers and their products. You can write a review that others can consider before purchasing a product during their Meesho online shopping. If you notice a mistake from the seller or on the platform, you can quickly report it to their accessible support team.

Meesho Marketplace — Selling & Buying

Meesho Marketplace — Selling & Buying

If you want to place an order, ensure the product has takeout in your part of India, and a return option, and cash on delivery. Meesho usually provides these options for most products on their marketplace, but sometimes it’s troublesome. The ongoing deliveries find their place in the respective section of your profile so you can track them. 

What is Meesho selling option like? They let you become a seller in a quick procedure, requesting your Indian number, bank account & additional details. They offer many benefits like access to 140 million customers across India, no commission fees, no charges for cancellations, affordable shipping, straightforward listing, & other features.

Are you interested in more details about the website? Visit the newsroom to find the latest updates, live streams from the team, and a blog corner. Now, what is Meesho signup like? Keep reading below to find out more!

How to Start Meesho Online Shopping?

Signing up for Meesho is quick and easy, taking just about five minutes. Simply begin by entering your Indian phone number to receive a one-time password (OTP). Next, add your name, and that’s it—you’re ready to start shopping on Meesho

To become a seller, simply click the “Become a Seller” button. You’ll need to enter your number and email, create a password, provide your pickup address, full name, company name, GSTIN code, IFSC code, and bank account details. They ask quite a lot of data for this account, but it’s understandable.

OTPs, sent as SMS codes, are a common method for secure online service registrations, providing a quick and effective way to verify users. Despite their efficiency, some users in India are hesitant to share their phone numbers when creating a Meesho account, fearing potential misuse or data leaks. International users often struggle to use services like Meesho because they lack an Indian SIM card.

If you share these concerns and challenges, consider the temporary phone numbers as a solution. You won’t have to travel overseas to obtain such a number, as it doesn’t need a SIM card. They’re sold online by online providers such as SMS-Man. Head below to learn more about them!

Meesho Registration without a Phone Number

To complete the Meesho registration smoothly, all you need is an Indian number capable of accepting text messages. The service doesn’t check whether the number is real; the key requirement is an active inbox to receive the code. SMS-Man offers a stable and reliable option for this purpose, providing a virtual phone number that can easily accept an OTP. 

Purchasing a phone number at SMS-Man is quite affordable — it costs just $0.17. So, you won’t need to have much for getting started. They support over 150 countries and registration in 1.5K services, including the Meesho registration. Note that this number is limited to receiving SMS for once and doesn’t support calling or sending messages.

virtual phone number from sms man

Discover the details in the step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit, create a new account or log in.
  2. Open “Top up my balance” tab to make a deposit.
  3. Go back by clicking “Get SMS”, then select any country and “Meesho”.
  4. Click the “Buy SMS” button opposite and find your phone number in the “History” section.
  5. Copy your new virtual phone number and start registering in the marketplace.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click on “Get SMS” to see the verification code.
  7. Enter the code to complete your registration.

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