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How to create KEKU account without a Phone Number?

create KEKU account without a Phone Number

First things first, what is KeKu and how can this app help you? KeKu is an online service that sells virtual phone numbers with the national codes of 41 countries which reportedly recognize you as a local caller without any hassles. Plus, the app has a text messaging feature.

You can communicate with new contacts by simply dialling them or using your phone’s contact book. Network quality & stability is reportedly great, and the prices are fancy. Nevertheless, it’s still worth comparing this app to SMS-Man to clear out: what is KeKu operationally? Let’s found out.

keku for international calls

What is KeKu App? 

Virtual numbers are essentially anonymous due to the absence of SIM cards and the ability for any nation codes. KeKu provides a stable communication option worldwide with its products capable of making & receiving calls seamlessly. 

The service is available as a website or mobile application at AppStore or Google Play, while its calling opportunities have no device restrictions. The users can maintain an online presence worldwide, an option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, expats.

What is KeKu like beyond usual inbound & outbound calling? Let’s see:

  • Share a call with other KeKu App users (Free) 
  • Connect them to one in progress (Free)
  • Record all sessions within three months ($9.99/month)
  • Send text & voice messages (Depends on the plan, No Charge for Outbound SMS to USA users)
  • Add extension lines based on the main phone line (Free).

KeKu offers numerous country plans, differing by minute amount, cost per minute/SMS message in US cents, presence/absence of SMS & voice messaging options. Each plan available for KeKu login owners has two options worth $5 or $10. You can refill your balance to repay when needed.

What is KeKu

KeKu vs. SMS-Man

SMS-Man and KeKu are two different platforms that offer different functionality to solve problems. For example, virtual phone numbers for SMS-Man are provided by third-party vendors who connect with the web service using special hardware and API, offering their phone numbers only for receiving SMS messages. They are well suited for small purposes, such as the registration process in KeKu and other applications.

When customers purchase an item, they receive it in their personal account only after it goes through the supplier. This is different from what KeKu login holders receive, a product created and brought to life using SmartDials technology.

Simply put, KeKu is designed for international businesses where lots of people are communicating with each other. Unlike virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man, they can receive and make calls and send messages, not just receive them.

Keku Sign Up Explained

The registration is complete via two options, explained in detail on their website’s Get Help page. Here they are: 

Via Website:

  1. Find the button for registration.
  2. Add email data, phone data & password.
  3. Try the service, invite friends to get extra money to the balance.
  4. Additional options for signup via website includes Facebook & Google.

Via App:

  1. Download KeKu App via AppStore/Play Market.
  2. Press Register.
  3. Add phone information, tap Get Into the App.
  4. Enter SMS code to activate.
  5. Add you email & password to log in automatically (optional).

Whatever the choice, they ask for a number to make a personal account. You can keep real mobile data with yourself and fake it for registration using the product of KeKu’s competitor, SMS-Man. They will fit in like normal data during the registration, leaving you untouched.

What is Keku Registration Using SMS-Man’s Virtual Number?

SMS-Man allows you to either rent them for up to four months and register an account in numerous applications, or purchase an SMS message, suitable for one-off KeKu sign up, for example. The price for both is way lower than for KeKu numbers.

You will not have excessive confirmations or security problems from the application or government—the registration with SMS-Man’s product is completely anonymous and unpenalised. They’re highly stable; numerous users have tried this product to register in the apps. Another big advantage of SMS-Man over Keku is the number of supported countries. Compared to the 41 country codes in the latter’s products, SMS-Man provides codes for 190+ countries — practically the entire planet.

virtual phone number

So, what is Keku registration using virtual phone numbers? Let’s see:

  1. Open, then register and log in.
  2. In the menu on the left, click on “Top up” button and make a deposit.
  3. Go back to the main page, then select one of the countries and the Dubizzle app.
  4. Click on “Buy SMS”, then find your phone number in the “History” section and copy it.
  5. Start registering in the app using your new virtual phone number.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and tap on “Receive SMS” to see the verification code.
  7. Enter the code to complete the registration.

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