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How to Create Zomato Account without a Phone Number?

Create Zomato Account without a Phone Number

Are you and your girlfriend hungry and eager to finish Zomato registration to order food as soon as possible, but you have no mobile number for verification? Then, it should not stop you. The reason is that buying an Indian virtual phone number to verify your account is available online. Moreover, it requires no documentation and costs less than $1.

How is it possible? We’ll explain all the nuances in today’s blog post as well as answering “What is Zomato?” and some other most asked questions about the service.


What is Zomato?

Zomato is a top Indian-based restaurant aggregator and food delivery service, founded in 2008. It recommends customers with the best eateries nearby and in neighboring areas. After having chosen the appropriate place, customers can order their favorite food to a doorstep or book a table.

Zomato offers a win-win business model for customers, restaurant owners, and delivery companies.

In the app, Zomato account holders can not only search for eateries and check better prices, but also look at the menu in the restaurant card, view photos, reviews and ratings left by previous users in order to understand in advance the quality of dishes and the level of service in a particular place. To make the customer experience even more pleasant, the platform enables customers to track the delivery status in real-time and use discounts.

As for business owners, Zomato helps to promote restaurants, strengthen the brand’s web presence, as well as ensuring delivery services. The latter is especially convenient to fulfill deliveries from the establishments that do not have their own delivery service. Moreover, speaking of the benefits of Zomato for businesses, it also offers its own PoS system Zomato Base. So that, restaurant owners can manage their menus and inventory, accept payments, and analyze income and expenses right in the platform’s app. To date, Zomato lists 1.4 million eateries globally and partners with 21,000 restaurants.

Being introduced as a one-city restaurant listing service, over time it expanded throughout India and entered international markets, acquiring additional functionality. Today, it operates in 25 countries, including the UAE, the USA, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Australia, Ireland, and others. The platform attracts 80 million monthly active users at the age of 18–35 years old.

Zomato App

Can you Create a Zomato Account without a Phone Number?

If you want to sign up as a customer, you have a few options, including logging into it via email or Gmail as well as entering a mobile phone number to receive a one-time code for Zomato. At this step, a phone number is not mandatory.

However, you will still have to go through verification by phone number or email to confirm that you are a real person and not a bot.

As for registering a restaurant on the platform, in addition to basic information about the eatery, the business owner will also need to add contact information. Then, the platform will ask they to go through verification through a phone call or other methods to confirm the ownership.

But is it possible not to give out your private phone number for Zomato registration and verification if you don’t have one on hand? Yes, it is.

Get a Code for Zomato with a Virtual Phone

Instead of using your private mobile number, you can use temporary virtual numbers. They are made specifically to help you register on online platforms and apps.

This is a convenient service because you don’t need to purchase and activate a SIM card, provide documents and go to the provider’s office. Just register on the devoted website or download the app. You can purchase a temporary number and receive a confirmation code using any convenient device with an Internet connection. Be it a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or others.

To register a Zomato account, you will need to buy a temporary virtual number issued in India or any other country supported by the aggregator. The prices are very affordable, which is less than $1. To register for other supported services, you can buy numbers issued in more than 190 countries. Moreover, it doesn’t matter  where you locate.

With SMS-man, you can obtain a disposable number for one-time registration or rent a long-lasting number. The latter option will help with multiple registrations in numerous platforms or apps.

virtual phone number from sms man

Fast Way to Create a Zomato Account without a Phone Number

It takes only a couple of minutes to register a temporary virtual number and receive a one-time code to it. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete Zomato registration without a phone number as a customer or business partner:

  1. Enter your email address in the registration form or log in via your Gmail account.
  2. Choose the most comfortable payment option to replenish funds to your balance. Pay by VISA, PayPal, Payeer, Alipay or even with cryptocurrencies.
  3. After that, proceed to the “Receive SMS” tab. For Zomato registration, choose the country of the cellular provider that will issue a virtual number and then find “Zomato” among supported services. Choose it by clicking on “Buy SMS”.
  4. Copy it from the “History” section below. Then, enter it on the account creation page on Zomato and request a verification code.
  5. Disclose a code in the SMS-man profile by clicking the “Receive SMS” button.
  6. Verify your Zomato account with the code.

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