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How to Create IONOS Account without a Phone Number?

Create IONOS Account without a Phone Number

What is IONOS? IONOS is a technological company specializing in digital solutions, including web hosting, domain holding & cloud processing software applications. Their target audience includes companies, based mainly in Europe & North America, where their biggest data centers find their place.

As a result, IONOS names reliability and security its main priorities in product engineering and post-selling procedures. State-of-the-art solutions, reachable contact service, affordable prices—they’ve certainly done a good job throughout 30+ years of existence. So, what is IONOS regarding its pros & nuances? Explained below!

What Is IONOS?

What Is IONOS?

So, IONOS provides a complicated ecosystem, comprising products & services that can boost user’s business, increase revenues, expand the digital presence. They provide ease of mind, stability & data security to companies from larger to smaller scales.

So, what is IONOS offering today? Check this list:

  • Web Hosting. Software solutions for the websites to feel alright over the Internet space when loading the pages, processing visitor queries, and executing the changes the site’s owner adds. It’s like renting a room in the web space to store a site.
  • Domain Securing. Unique WordPress website addresses stored on their corporate servers, a favor for businesses/organizations wishing to fit their corporate identity into their address.
  • Cloud Computing. IONOS login holders can use the company’s cloud-powered processing capabilities for simple & safe information storing & management. This product line includes an interface with data pieces and additional functions, including filtering and searching. 
  • Email Services. Corporate email addresses that can match the website domain and brand name, an option for companies & organizations seeking additional transparency regarding professional communications.
  • Website Builder & Digital Commerce Solutions. IONOS login owners can build website & digital marketplaces even without expertise in website & web app programming. They have templates, pre-made building blocks, design elements, pop-ups, guides, things. 

IONOS products are available via subscription, starting at $1 monthly—an option for freelancers, one-person businesses, bigger companies. The quality & reliability are managed by numerous protocols in action at North American & European data servers, and proved by millions of happy customers. 

So, wanna join IONOS? Let’s head below to answer, what is IONOS registration like? Let’s found out.

IONOS Homepage

IONOS Login & Registration Explained

To begin, an authorized account allows you to access products, services, & personal information on IONOS. To create an account, visit their website, click the ‘sign In’ button, and start the procedure, which doesn’t take much time. Overall, several things are needed:

  1. Firstly, choose the desired plan, pick the monthly/annual tariff, select upsells, or don’t.
  2. Secondly, complete the payment details
  3. Thirdly, add email address & mobile phone data, later verified by SMS.
  4. Lastly, receive the confirmation email that contains additional details for IONOS login.

Therefore, registration is mandatory for the service, no way without it. The contact email address and phone data are used to manage the user settings & security issues. The number can also be used as an additional option to access your purchases on IONOS.

Reluctant to share personal information with IONOS? Try bypassing their data validation system. There are quite conventional ways, which the service simply didn’t foresee when it created the registration procedure. Virtual phone numbers for IONOS are one such bypass.

IONOS Login & Registration without a Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers are very convenient to use and do not require a physical SIM card. You buy them from internet service providers and then use them seamlessly via a web interface or mobile app. They work in the cloud and require no paperwork or SIM cards, thus making you completely anonymous.

SMS-Man allows you to purchase such virtual phone numbers for one-time use or rent them for up to four months. You can get a unique phone number to receive SMS messages from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, India, Mexico, Brazil and others.

virtual phone number from sms man

How to do it? This is our step by step instruction:

  1. Open, register and log in to your account.
  2. Find the ” Top up my balance” option in the menu on the left and make a deposit.
  3. Go back to the home page to select the country of your phone number.
  4. Now, select the “IONOS” service and click the “Buy SMS” button next to it.
  5. Find your virtual phone number in “History” and copy it.
  6. Enter this phone number when registering to log in to IONOS.
  7. Go back to the SMS-Man website and click “get SMS” in your profile.
  8. Use the received code to complete your account registration.

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