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How to Create Banqi Account without a Phone Number?

Create Banqi Account without a Phone Number

Mobile apps are frequent guests in conversations about financial management. Given that many transactions take place over the phone, services such as Banqi can be of great help in optimizing your income & expenses and creating a strategy.

What is Banqi? Banqi is a Brazilian online banking app that has gained widespread local adoption due to its comfortable features like contactless payment for grocery products and tax bills without urging to stand in line for a receipt. It has quite a nuanced functionality and registration, worth exploring.

What is Banqi

What is Banqi?

The service’s main offering is a contactless payment system that allows users to check out in stores using their Banqi account without proof of income. Paying via phone is excellent for Brazilians, who faced the second-largest death toll during Covid-19. 

There is an option to pay housing and utility bills and tax charges. To open the scan function in the app and point your smartphone camera at the barcode. Also, they don’t charge additional fees and charges, so this feature certainly adds to the convenience.

What is Banqi, beyond that? Their prepaid Mastercard-powered card allows users to pay anywhere, plus withdraw & transfer funds. The card is replenished via Banqi app and supported in local outlets & restaurants, online marketplace services, branches of international Internet services nationwide.

The company cares about its customers, so you can find tutorials during registration and in push notifications/emails sent during card activation. In addition, push notifications help Banqi account holders with all their card/wallet transactions, from recharges and payments to p2p transfers.

Banqi works with Casas Bahia, a furniture & electronics store chain. They used to sell loans for goods, which were then repaid personally in installments. Both names are owned by Via Varejo, a local giant running 800+ shops. It has joined both services to provide online loans, set up & repaid via Banqi completely.

A nice bonus of paying via Banqi—they have many partners giving exclusive discounts. That’s all about the biggest pros, so now you know how to use Banqi app. The functionality is available upon signup on Android & IOS. They request a local number with some extra info, which is worth exploring closely.

Banqi Account 

More About Banqi Account 

Banqi follows the common guidelines and standards for many financial services available on the web. Although they don’t request proof of income, you will still need to add the first & last name, birthdate, gender, local ID, email address & contact number. Afterward, it’s left to link your bank data, and off you go. 

Requiring an email address and phone number for Banqi is a pretty self-explanatory measure to increase user comfort & security. You can’t sign up without them, which, as they say, does not entail strong problems. The data is not put on display and is stored on secure servers.

However, if you’re still uncomfortable sharing your phone information, there are plenty of workarounds. You can, for example, give them a spare number that is not used for contact. But the safest way is a virtual phone number for Banqi—it doesn’t compromise you at all. And here’s why.

Brazilian Virtual Phone Number for Banqi

Virtual number is a cloud-powered info that does not interact with the SIM cards or physical devices, yet still works fine for registration & phone confirmation purposes. That being said, you don’t leave any clues of your presence or that this number is not quite regular. 

What is Banqi doing when you submit such numbers? They won’t understand at all that the number is virtual, they’ll just send an SMS, and off you go. Nor will the government punish you — these numbers are sold publicly by web vendors like SMS-Man.

The functionality of these numbers depends on where you buy them. SMS-man’s numbers support verification messages for things like Banqi login confirmation, but they lack outbound & and inbound calling features. They sell virtual numbers as a single verification message or entire rented numbers.

virtual phone number from sms man

You choose, but SMS-Man says it’s easier if you buy one message and make an account. Here is a stepwise tutorial on how to obtain and activate an SMS:

  1. Register on using your social media.
  2. Replenish your balance via the ‘top up’ option above. 
  3. Choose ‘Buy SMS’ button.
  4. Select the nation (Brazil) and application (Banqi), then press ‘Buy SMS’.
  5. Spot the number in your profile.
  6. Copy it, and use while registering.
  7. During the confirmation process, get back to SMS-Man and pick ‘Get SMS’.
  8. Tap the button to create Banqi account

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