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How to Create Fordeal Account without a Phone Number?

Create Fordeal Account without a Phone Number

Fordeal shopping platform lets users sell & buy items through a website & mobile app. Numerous products are published here and filtered into groups that cater to fashion lovers, automotive geeks, cozy home fans, etc. The service is widespread in Middle Eastern countries, but it also has a worldwide presence.

Fordeal offers delivery options, discount programs, customer assistance & additional functions that make it prominent in e-commerce plus keep millions of people asking ‘What is Fordeal, really?’. Check out the piece below to get answers and learn how to pass registration safely & easily.


What is Fordeal Shopping Like?

The platform sells a wide array of lifestyle goods like home instruments, clothing, footwear, toys & kids products, gadgets, and personal hygiene goods. The users can search for products, set custom filters to find a specific category and pick one from the suggested list.

The visitors of product pages can view the pictures, purchase button, delivery options by Fordeal shopping service, price & discounts, and detailed information regarding products and sellers. There is also a recommended goods area and reviews.

Fordeal offers Cash on Delivery, an option where customers pay for products upon receipt without penalty or signed paperwork. Delivery time rarely exceeds two weeks, and is free for order amounts set specifically for different countries. Most items on Fordeal support free returns within a 15-day period upon receiving.

They have discount coupons for products, vendors & categories. To obtain a coupon, one must provide a code for Fordeal, received from authorized merchants & third parties. They appear in the ‘My Coupons’ section, accessible via the menu in the website’s top right corner. There, one also can check profile details, active orders, balance & address.

The website allows random customers to use its services without account signup. They can choose their language & country. The latter also determines the currency in which Fordeal will show prices and if there’s free delivery. So, with a warehouse in Guangzhou, China, Fordeal shopping is available globally.

What is Fordeal Shopping Like?

Fordeal Registration — Tutorial

Fordeal offers account creation to avoid entering personal data like your address, props & phone number every time you buy goods. Creating an account also allows them to strengthen security measures, prevent data leakage, and organize your presence on the platform. To complete the process, follow this stepwise tutorial:

  • Open the Fordeal app or website
  • Click Sign In, then Register
  • Choose your option: by email or mobile number
  • If you pick email, enter the data plus the password
  • If you choose number, provide & confirm the data by SMS
  • Complete the Registration

When you’re done registering, you will be able to provide the aforementioned personal data. You might want to provide neither email nor phone number data. This is wise because you can’t expose yourself to any interested application unless you want constant spam attacks from marketers several months after Fordeal registration.

Whereas a fake email can be registered with no hassle, you can replace the number with an online-based version. How is the number used by Fordeal, anyway? It is not a crucial, essential component of the system. They can use it to improve their security and confirm whether it’s a bot or a human being registering.

Since tying a regular number doesn’t benefit you, try a virtual one. This one is cheap, simple, and purchased online. If you lose it after Fordeal registration, no problems, and here’s why.

Get an SMS Code for Fordeal Via a Virtual Number

Virtual numbers can replace traditional numbers and provide privacy regardless of geographical location. You can buy them from specialized providers such as SMS-man.

SMS-man has two types of virtual mobile numbers. The single-use numbers can help pass Fordeal registration once and then expire, while the numbers for rental offer unlimited messages and increased comfort at the expense of higher price.

Virtual Phone Number for Registration

If all you need is one account, try one-time virtual numbers. Here is the guide:

  1. Join with an existing account or Google+.
  2. Find the ‘top up’ button and deposit some funds.
  3. Select the country and app (Fordeal).
  4. Near the app button, click ‘buy SMS’.
  5. The purchased product will appear in profile.
  6. Copy and use it when asked.
  7. When it’s time to obtain the code for Fordeal, click ‘receive SMS’ near the purchased number.

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