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How to Create Bitrue Account without a Phone Number?

Create Bitrue Account without a Phone Number

Bitrue Exchange is a financial service meant to simplify your crypto transactions, such as purchasing and selling various currencies. They’ve become a leading platform in this field due to the variety of offerings, from yield farming & investment to competitive trading commissions and many coins available.

They utilize state-of-the-art data security systems including end-to-end encryption of user data and the two-step authentication. However, if you want to further strengthen your protection on Bitrue Exchange, consider using fake phone numbers from SMS-man. This reading covers all the nuances of using them, plus gives a brief overview of Bitrue.

Bitrue Exchange Overview

Bitrue Exchange Overview

The service is preferentially focused on users who are well aware of the tools for commerce involving cryptocurrencies. Despite this, the interface itself is designed to be minimalistic, so that even people with little knowledge of the industry trends can buy or sell cryptos.

What is Bitrue in terms of supported coins? They let you trade over 700 stablecoins and regular currencies, including BTC, Ethereum, USDT, not to mention a lot of smaller ones, and their own currency. There are many metrics & graphics supposed to help you evaluate the market conditions & prices, and predict the best trading pairs.

There is an additional array of features for making profits here. Bitrue Exchange allows you to ask for a loan worth some number of coins under a client-friendly annual percentage rate. It offers a customizable repayment plan, so you can adjust the period needed to repay the debt. Loans aside, you can participate in high-interest yield farming and futures trading here.

Buying and selling crypto is done using a bank account, which you’ll link to your Bitrue account to deposit and withdraw funds using it. Their commission policy depends on the amount of crypto being processed and charges no more than 0.32% depending on the trading pair. It is not the best on the market, but still adds to user comfort.

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How to Make Bitrue Account?

Bitrue allows for multiple options to create an account. You can either register via Google & Apple, or pass the procedure with your email address. After you’ve finished the registration, the exchange will still be there to request your mobile number information and verify your Bitrue account.

Whether you register via Google or Apple or use email to complete your signup, the system will ask you for your phone details to complete SMS confirmation. A mandatory, inconvenient and not fully understood measure, without which your experience won’t even suffer. If you want to bypass it, consider our temporary phone number guide below.

A Way to Securely Verify Bitru Account

SMS-Man provides you with a one-time mobile number, able to receive confirmation messages and complete the Bitrue verification seamlessly. You don’t need to worry about unexpected account suspension or double-checking, as Bitrue will treat these numbers as normal.

Additional pros – you don’t have to travel anywhere to get such numbers. They require minimal money & time expenses, work in 200 countries and 1500 services, and can be purchased completely online. Not to mention, you won’t have to provide personal details like you would with a SIM card.

Notably, a temporary phone number for Bitrue will cost you $1, if not less. Prices vary for each service, but such a product is much more cost-effective than a SIM-card from any country’s provider. Given all the facts, numbers from SMS-man could very well be a good solution for anonymous identity verification in Bitrue. 

virtual phone number

Here are the instructions how to get a temporary phone number for Bitrue:

  1. Join by making an account
  2. Find the “top up” option, refill your balance.
  3. Select the country and “Bitrue” service.
  4. Click “buy SMS” to add a phone number to your “History” section.
  5. Then, copy ot and use during verification process.
  6. Return to SMS-Man and click “receive SMS” near the phone number.
  7. Finish up the account in Bitrue Exchange

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