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How to Create Zumper Account without a Phone Number?

Create Zumper Account without a Phone Number

Finding housing for rent has become very simple and convenient in today’s world. With the Zumper app, one can find an apartment, house or room for rent that exactly meets their needs and expectations in a matter of minutes.

However, registration on the platform requires receiving a confirmation code to a cell phone number. How to handle it if you don’t have a cell phone at hand? Let’s find an answer in today’s article, along with understanding deeper the opportunities of the Zumper service.

What is Zumper?

Zumper is a home rental service in the US and Canada. It was launched in 2012 by a team of professionals with real estate backgrounds and software engineers at Google. The app is available on the web and in mobile apps for iOS and Android.

So, what is Zumper in terms of functionality? The service really makes the rental searching easy and comfortable for users. Using Zumper, they can see all rental offerings across the USA and Canada, including apartments, condos, houses or rooms, on a map or in a devoted news feed. Listings are updated in real time, so users can always check the freshest offers as soon as they get uploaded on the platform. Every rental ad on the platform is moderated, so they contain only verified information, as well as high-quality images, videos, and reviews from other users.

What is Zumper when it comes to the search engine feature? It seems to have pretty thoughtful filters. Thus, users can select the required price range, living area, infrastructure (availability of schools, kindergartens, supermarkets and pharmacies within walking distance), number of bedrooms in the house or apartment, etc.

In addition, they can also choose from individual categories, such as “Cheap apartments”, “Pets-friendly apartments”, “Luxury housing”, etc.

If Zumper account holders know exactly what they’re looking for on the platform but to date, there are no relevant offerings, they can set up notifications when someone publishes an ad that matches their required parameters.

Moreover, to ensure the quality of the property you are planning to rent, one can read reviews from previous tenants. Also, they can check out all the facilities by booking a virtual tour or visiting a house in person. Booking a tour is also available through the app. Again in the Zumper app, users can apply for the selected housing and pay rent.

What is Zumper?

Zumper App for Professionals

The company has also launched special services for professional real estate agents and landlords. Using Zumper, they can list their property and manage the listings. Created listings are automatically transferred to the leading real estate websites. Besides, landlords can screen tenants with full credit reports and background information.

The service is also available on the web and in mobile apps.

Why do I Need a Phone Number for a Zumper Account?

Zumper phone number is required for several purposes on the platform. The first one is to provide security measures for users’ accounts. By sending a code to a cell phone number and asking to submit it, Zumper validates the identity of the user. After having entered the code, users can access their account, manage it, search for rental offers and add matches to their favorites.

But you don’t have to use your private mobile number to receive a verification code for Zumper. This is not always the best choice. And the reason is that the service will remember your number and will send marketing spam to it. It is much safer and convenient to use a temporary virtual phone number to verify your account as the final step during Zumper registration.

Virtual Phone Number as a Better Solution

Temporary virtual phone numbers are made specifically to register and verify an account on various platforms and apps, both global and local ones. They make the whole process much easier and more secure, compared to traditional cellular numbers.

Temporary numbers are a game-changer when you need to sign up for a foreign service that is not accessible from your country or requires only a local number. Or if you just don’t have a cellular number on hand. Just like when you want to pass verification in the Zumper app. Using a temporary virtual phone in this case serves as a kind of a shield against unwanted calls, spamming text messages and any fraud.

Sure you can purchase a SIM card of the required mobile provider but it will take much more time. And moreover, you will have to reveal your documents and probably visit an office. When it comes to a temporary virtual number, it doesn’t take all these actions from you. Everything you need is a PC, laptop or smartphone with a stable Internet connection. For $0.98, you can buy a Zumper phone number and get a confirmation code through a devoted platform that issues numbers from different mobile providers around the world. For example, you can use

How to Create Zumper Account without a Phone Number?

It doesn’t take much time to receive a confirmation code for Zumper through Though the platform also provides reusable virtual phones that suit multiple registrations on various apps, here you’ll need to buy a disposable number. 

virtual phone number from sms man

Here is the guidelines on what you need to do to purchase a one-time number for the Zumper app:

  1. Open the registration form at and enter your email address. Alternatively, log in through Google+.
  2. Enter the “Top Up” tab and choose the preferable payment method via a bank transfer, Payeer, AliPay or other available options.
  3. Next, open “Receive SMS”, choose the country of a mobile operator and then find “Zumper” in the list of supported apps.
  4. Click the “Buy SMS” button near the service icon.
  5. Scroll down to the “History” section to find the purchased number. Use it for a Zumper account and request a code.
  6. To reveal the code, return to the SMS-man page and click the “Receive SMS” button next to the number.
  7. Apply the code to complete verification.

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