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How to Create a Fake VK Account?

Create a Fake VK Account

Why would you need to create VK account? VKontakte is a piece of software operated by to provide a social media and messaging platform. The social network is focused on the CIS audience, but there are also users from other regions here, albeit in fewer numbers.

You can find member pages by Google, but for interacting, posting and communicating you need to create a new VK account. The registration procedure includes verification of the phone number via SMS, so if you want a fake account, then you need an additional one. So, what is a virtual phone number for VK and how to use it? Find out below!

What is VK

What is VK App?

VKontakte includes various apps, the two largest being its messenger and social media. The former allows you to exchange text/audio messages with friends in groups or person, make voice & video calls, and send files, stickers, and smiles.

What is VK app messenger’s private & group chatting like? Private chats support postponed & pinned messages, archive with all images & files sent before, custom backgrounds, etc. Also, group chats have admin role, delete/add users functions, bot support, and customizable avatar pictures on top of all of the above.

In Messenger, you can find communities similar to channels in Telegram. They allow you to reach vast numbers of subscribers, who can react to your publications. A huge number of users interact with communities, and these can be both real and fake VK account holders, so be cautious.

Each post can be fixed/postponed, analyzed using statistical metrics, or automated using API tools. Customizable avatars, covers, taglines, descriptions & community names can help you with enhanced branding. ecosystem

VK Messenger vs. Social Media

These communities are available if you register VK account, both on messaging & social media platforms. If you access them using the latter service, you’ll also find discussions, community DM, products/services, tags, links, videos, subscribers, and admins. The social media part has other features, namely the feed and private user profiles.

You can browse member pages for pictures & posts, communities, gifts received, friend lists and subscribers. When you create VK account, there are many options to interact with others, namely DMs, comments and your posts on their page, unless they restrict access. Publications made by users and communities alike also appear in your feed.

VK has a music player, including hits from artists around the world, as well as a platform for short & long videos. All of these features are available in separate apps or the unified VK app. Whatever you choose, you will need to register for once, whether it’s a real or fake VK account.

How to Create VK Account?

Registration is similar to the procedure on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. It is very simple and quick, but you will need to provide some personal information.

Here is a stepwise guide on VK profile registration:

  1. Visit the signup page of its official website or mobile app.
  2. Find a registration form, requesting your name, birthdate, gender and phone number.
  3. The app will ask you to confirm your account via a code from SMS.
  4. Enter the confirmation code, then make a password, and tap the button to complete VK registration.
  5. Customize your profile by adding a picture, new publications, personal information.

The data is stored on their servers, away from the public. Despite that, their security is far from ideal. Data leaks and hacks often leave users concerned about the service’s privacy measures. Fortunately, you can opt for SMS verification and provide a virtual number instead of a SIM-based one, without compromising your privacy.

How to Create VK Account

Virtual Phone Number for a Fake VK Account

Virtual phone numbers are an effective solution for all users who want to keep their personal data when creating a VK account private. In addition to not needing a physical SIM card, you can get a phone number with the code of any country or region. For example, such as USA, India, Canada, China, Russia, UK and others.

SMS-Man platform can offer virtual phone numbers for registration in 1500+ online services. Such phone numbers can receive SMS messages within 30 minutes of purchase, after which they expire. Simply put, this cheap and easy solution allows you to register in VK without a phone number. The price of this service is amazing, a completely unique virtual phone number will cost you only $0.14.

virtual phone number from sms man

How to Create VK Account without a Phone Number?

  1. Open, then register or log in.
  2. Go to “Top up my balance” on the left menu and make a deposit.
  3. Go back by clicking “Get SMS”, then select any country and “Vkontakte”.
  4. Click the “Buy SMS” button opposite and find your phone number in the “History” section.
  5. Copy your new virtual phone number and start registering in the app.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click on ” Receive SMS” to see the verification code.
  7. Enter the code to complete your registration.

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