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How to Create an OkCupid Profile without a Phone Number?

Okcupid without a phone number

OkCupid is a popular dating and networking app, a good alternative to Tinder. Not as popular as the latter, but the OkCupid app offers functionality and features Tinder refuses to provide. These make using the app more convenient, precise, and efficient, unlike Tinder.

But Tinder is still the obvious choice for users who desire new acquaintances or partners. It’s popular because it pioneered the matching approach copied later by countless dating apps, including OkCupid. However, OkCupid introduced multiple additional features to make their experience unique and efficient. Hence, registering on the OkCupid app is a sound call. Unfortunately, it’s similar to alternative dating apps in their demand for the user’s phone number during registration. It can be obnoxious giving sensitive information to dating applications poses a huge risk to security and safety. There are ways to circumvent it, though.

What is OkCupid? App Overview

OkCupid functions similarly to Tinder in numerous ways. Its primary goal is to help users find compatible partners for relationships, friendships, etc. Although OkCupid is not as focused on the love culture as sites like Tinder, Badoo and others. But this app will also be of interest to those who want to find friends or just Internet communication of interest.

okcupid website

So, what is an OkCupid? Several features are central to the experience:

  • Tinder-style swiping and matching is the core feature; liking user’s profile notifies them of you, at which point they can like you back and start conversing;
  • Unlike Tinder, OkCupid allows complex, nuanced profile-building capabilities based on personal qualities, interests, and parameters (answered in a lengthy survey);
  • Preferences are an important mechanism for filtering and sorting matches based on the compatibility of both parties according to said qualities, interests, etc., and personal adjustments.

Consequently, the OkCupid app offers a personalized matching experience for users seeking someone specific. It’s strictly impossible on Tinder, which prioritizes proximity and quantity to provide an excellent searching experience for quick meetups, one-night stands, and hookups. OkCupid is ideal for finding relationships through rational, weighed searching. The process is also comfortable, pleasant, and even enjoyable. You can mishmash various characteristics together to see possible matches in a new category. OkCupid is a brilliant alternative to the more blunt Tinder.

The Process of Registration in the Dating App

Until mid-2022, the registration procedure was simpler. Now you need a confirmation phone number via SMS to create Ok Cupid account. It’s uncomfortable, risky, and detested by many cautious users. According to developers, submitting a phone number is required to uphold security and safety – a half-truth. This system allegedly protects the system from overflowing with fake accounts, scammers, and ban circumvention. However, obtaining a fresh phone number to create another account isn’t hard, making it ineffective. Some degree of security is naturally provided, but it’s more a nuisance than an actual necessity.

Creating an OkCupid profile without a number is impossible, but users aren’t demanded to use active personal phone numbers. Any unoccupied number is fine, meaning you can purchase an online phone number to use it for registration, authorization, and similar purposes. Numerous services online sell virtual numbers, which offer regular phone functionality like messaging and calling. Receiving messages is just what you need to register and authorize in the OkCupid app. They are handy, require no effort to set up, and let you use any apps without submitting a personal phone number.

How to get a Virtual Phone Number for Okcupid Registration

Such virtual numbers are indistinguishable from their physical counterpart, as they are ordinary SIM cards that work by redirection thanks to special software. That is why this option is ideal for registration in all applications, social networks and messengers without a phone number.

Virtual phone number for okcupid

Step-by-step instructions on how to use a virtual phone number for Okcupid registration:

  1. Register at sms-man.com;
  2. From the menu on the left go to ” Top up my balance ” and make a deposit by one of the proposed methods;
  3. On the main page choose the country of your future virtual number and OkCupid service”;
  4. Click on the button “Buy” in front of the desired number;
  5. The purchased number is automatically added to your order history on the main page and is ready to use;
  6. Enter it when registering and after sending an SMS with a verification code, go back to the SMS-man site and click “Receive SMS” to see the code you received;
  7. Copy it into the Okcupid app to complete the registration process.

Following these simple steps you get a full-fledged account, which you were able to register without providing your personal data. In the same way you can create accounts on Tinder, Badoo, Hinge and others.


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