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How to Register for Tinder without a Phone Number

Tinder without phone number

Tinder is the world’s biggest dating app. Tinder operates based on a geolocation system, allowing users to find matches in proximity. It’s a comfortable system, justifying its popularity. What worsens the experience are technical downsides and obnoxious features. The chief offender is the necessity to share phone numbers to create an account. It’s uncomfortable for users wishing to minimize sharing data with big businesses. Refusing to share private data with Tinder is reasonable. So, can you make a Tinder without a phone number?

Reasons why it can be dangerous to enter a personal phone number in Tinder

The issues of data security and privacy are central. Tinder isn’t known as a safe service provider, and refusing to share the phone number is a good idea for two reasons:

  • Tinder sells user data to third parties, including advertising companies and alternative dating apps (OK Cupid, Hinge). 
  • The app had multiple security breaches. In 2020, hackers breached Tinder’s encryption, stealing thousands of female photos. Overall data protection, including phone numbers, is questionable.

Phone numbers ending up with third parties is the main concern. That’s why users decide to register for Tinder without phone number. Victims might only receive phone calls from salespeople, but hackers can also steal said data in case of a security breach, owing to Tinder’s lax protection.

The former happens inadvertently, but the frequency depends on multiple factors. The latter may come in different forms: as part of a large-scale attack on Tinder data banks or individual account theft. Numerous investigations concluded that Tinder has inferior data protection.

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Why does Tinder require a phone number to register?

Do you need a phone number for Tinder? Yes. Tinder demands personal phone numbers as a means of spotting fake accounts. The reasoning is: bot owners won’t bother to obtain a unique phone number for one bot. It’s wrong: getting a unique phone number online isn’t that bothersome.

Phone numbers play no vital role in finding matches. Users can display phone numbers in profiles to encourage contact, but they aren’t used on Tinder in any meaningful way. Entering Tinder without phone number won’t diminish success probability or alter the experience.

Users can’t flunk phone verification. Sharing this detail is the primary step of the registration process. Even while registering on Tinder Web using a Google account, the website will request a number. Skipping verification is impossible, but registering using a virtual phone number is an option.

Register in Tinder using a Virtual Phone Number

If you don’t want to use a personal number, the best solution is to get a virtual number for Tinder. Virtual numbers are indistinguishable from regular numbers. It is safe, efficient and unlikely to be detected.

virtual number for Tinder

The instructions for purchasing such a number on SMS-Man are as follows:

1. Register and log in to your personal account at
2. Find and open the “Top up your Balance” page in the right menu. Select one of the payment methods and make a deposit of the required amount.
3. Click the “receive SMS” button on the main page and select a country/service. More than 180 countries and 1000 services are available.
4. When all the options are selected, click on the “Buy” button. This will allow the system to give you a random number allowing you to receive a single message.
5. Share the number you purchased with Tinder during registration.
6.Once Tinder asks for a verification code, go to your personal profile on the SMS-man website and click “get SMS” next to the virtual number you specified. The code will be displayed in the “message” section.
7. Send it to verify and complete the registration.

Follow these steps to create Tinder account without phone number. The procedure is safe, quick, and won’t result in a ban. A one-time SMS purchase is ideal for Tinder’s registration process, as customers won’t need the number again. It’s superior to the usual way of submitting actual private information, full of uncertainty and security risks. 


Possible Problems

The main concern is the purchased virtual number will be occupied on Tinder. It’s impossible: the system knows which numbers are off-limits, offering a random unused sequence from its vast collection. Getting Tinder without phone number can be hard for other reasons.

It can happen that Tinder just doesn’t send the message in time or glitches out. It’s scarce, but technical problems can occur. Purchasing another SMS is an option, considering the affordability. Don’t be hasty: messages can take up to 5 minutes to arrive. 

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