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How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest?

Create a Business Account on Pinterest

What is Pinterest in terms of opportunities for companies and brands? Pinterest has a reputation as a destination for creative minds and entrepreneurs to seek inspiration and get a communication with like-minded folks. Here, you have in your reach a monthly base of 400M users, eager to find something special.

Pinterest allows people to browse aesthetic content developed by users and brands, willing to share their values. Over 80% of the service’s audience is engaged in business ventures, meaning that it’s wise to wonder: what is Pinterest doing good for businesses? Let’s see.


What is Pinterest for Business?

The website & app allow everyone to browse photos and explore topics using the search function without an account. All posts are user-generated and indexed by engines like Google, where anyone can find a picture from this social network.

The search option runs on keywords, published in image descriptions. The keys like ‘haircut for men’ define image categories. But what is Pinterest doing to offer new content to visitors who have been here before but don’t know what ideas to look for?

The development team has designed a sophisticated recommendation engine based on users’ previous interactions, i.e. the pins they browse, boards they make, and search activities they conduct. Two feeds are present here. Home is for recommendations & Today is for trending things.

What is Pinterest used for, apart from publishing single posts? Users can make a board to promote their ideas by posting pictures of a particular destination, company, or brand. They have a wide range of tools for marketers, including statistical boards, metrics, post comments, board names, descriptions, etc.

Overall, there is an enormous potential for brand promotion for those who are using Pinterest for business.

Pinterest for business

How to Start Using Pinterest for Business?

The account for entrepreneurs can help you run ads & receive a detailed analysis of the impact your publications make on others. This type of account offers the same options to view the Pinterest feed, but it just includes additional things for marketers and brand owners.

There are three ways to start using Pinterest for Business:

  • Create a respective account, divided from the personal one
  • Set Up a linked account
  • Transform your personal into corporate

When registering by the first option, find the registration button and choose the option for companies. Add an unused email address, make a passphrase & tell your age. Make a corporate profile, describe what you’re doing & tell if you want to run ads while using Pinterest for business.

Been looking for the second type of corporate registration? Log into the system, choose Add account, follow the on-screen guide. Then, repeat the process as in the first option. You can register this type of account both on mobile & PC.

What is Pinterest switching between personal and corporate accounts like? You need to log in and check some buttons: Settings → Manage Account → Convert to Business Account. Then, the procedure goes the same as in the former two options.

Regardless of your choice, the system will request two-step authentication to increase data security. To pass the 2FA, confirm your number by SMS & off you go. But you don’t need the SIM-powered mobile number; the virtual phone number for Pinterest can do the job.

Virtual Phone Number for Pinterest Account

Virtual number is a cloud-powered technology that ignores location boundaries and helps you stay anonymous. Their usage is not traceable or punishable, meaning you are in maximum comfort while using these phone numbers. They allow you to go around phone verification in the apps, social media platforms, messengers and others.

These phone numbers are popular worldwide due to low prices and ease of use. SMS-man sells them for rent or one-time registration & verification. If you create a business account on Pinterest, try purchasable numbers for ~1 USD.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here is a guide how to obtain one for you:

  1. Go to, register and log in.
  2. Open the “Top up my balance” page and make a deposit.
  3. Click on “Get SMS”, then select your country and Pinterest service.
  4. Click on “Buy SMS”, then find the phone number in the history section and copy it.
  5. Start registration using a virtual phone number.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click ” Receive SMS” to view your confirmation code.
  7. Finish the process and start using Pinterest for business.

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