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How to bypass Airbnb verification without phone number

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Airbnb is a search/placement platform for rentals all over the world. Renting a room, an apartment, or even an entire house can be more profitable and comfortable than staying in a hotel. Today the Airbnb database has a huge number of offers in many countries around the world. To make a successful reservation on the Airbnb site and create an Airbnb account, you need to know the features of the service. How do I verify my identity? How to bypass Airbnb verification without a phone number? SMS-Man has the answers to all these questions.

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Few advices to use Airbnb account safely

Most mistakes are made by new users who are not familiar with the rules. A short summary of the essentials to save you time.

  • When searching for accommodation, adjust filters and uncheck “Instant booking”, which reduces the number of options.
  • The full price of the accommodation with all fees is shown when you select dates and the number of guests.
  • Do not make a reservation without coordinating with the host. Click the “contact the host” button to find out if the dates are available, or you may be charged for the reservation, which the host can then cancel. You will get your money back, but you will lose time and worry.
  • Airbnb log in to the profile confirmation procedure before you start booking. You will need a passport photo and your photo.
  • Write to several hosts at once, and ask questions. Only use Airbnb to send and receive payments. This is the only way to ensure you get peace of mind.
  • Pay close attention to the terms and conditions of your reservation. Flexible ones allow you to cancel your reservation without a penalty 24 hours in advance, moderate ones 5 days in advance, and the rest with a 50-100% penalty. Long-term reservations (over 28 days) have their own rules.
  • Reservations for a week are more profitable than 5 or 6 days, as many hosts offer a discount of up to 25%, which applies automatically. Other discounts should be checked individually in correspondence. The host can make you a “special offer”.
  • To add a guest to your reservation, add their name after they pay, and their name will appear on your Airbnb receipt.
  • If you have questions, search for answers in the Airbnb help center using a keyword.

Airbnb verification without phone number

  1. Turn on the country you want to register to, in our case the U.S.
    VPN turn on
  2. Go to the Airbnb website and click “Sign Up”.
    Sart page Airbnb
  3. You will see a menu with country selection and phone number input.
    Start registration
  4. Then go to and buy the number of the country you want.
  5. At the top of the page look at the list of numbers, there should be our number for airbnb verification code.
  6. Enter the number into the application and a window will appear asking for an SMS code.
    Inout our phone number
  7. Go back to the website and click “Get SMS”.
  8. If you have received the code, go back to the Airbnb page and enter it; it may check for a robot, but not always.
    Confirm code
  9. The last step in creating an account is entering personal data.
    airbnb profile

And more information about signing up.

How to complete your profile

Filling out your Airbnb profile is an important step in determining how willing hosts will be to talk to you and meet your financial needs. Since Airbnb is a website for private rentals, it’s up to the host to decide who they want to rent their property to.

Anyone 18 years or older can create an account, book a place, and host on Airbnb.
To make a good impression and become a welcomed guest, you’ll need to share a little information about yourself, choose the right profile picture, and complete the Airbnb verification process.

Tips for your profile

  • Your photo should be a real photo (not an animal or landscape). Smiling faces look good, not a passport photo. Think about what kind of tenant the typical landlord wants to see: neat, friendly, and adequate. Choose a clear, close-up photo without sunglasses for your main photo, making it easier to confirm your Airbnb profile. You can add multiple photos and record a video.
  • List your occupation. Specifying a “serious” occupation, such as a doctor, makes a good impression. But you don’t have to make stuff up, because everyone has something interesting to do besides work (family, hobbies), write about it. The main principle is short and optimistic.

Particular attention to filling out your profile should be given to young people 18-25 years. Many landlords are reluctant to rent to students and young people, fearing inadequate behavior and damage. Choose a photo and make a description as if you are preparing for a job interview or meeting your partner’s parents.

Your profile doesn’t show email addresses, website names, or phone numbers, so don’t write these things in your story about yourself, but fill out the contact information fields when you register.

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