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How to download Skype and install on phone

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The Skype was developed in 2003 by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom. They can be considered the original founders of the company. Popular program to correspond and voice and video communication. besides, now you can install Skype on your mobile phone and use it without any problems.


How to download Skype on iPhone or Android

Install Skype on your phone for free that’s easy, but your operating system of your smartphone must meet the minimum requirements of the messenger. What follows is a step by step instructions that shows how to install skype on your phone for free:

You should first of all Install messenger through a mobile app. You can download Skype through Google Play or AppStore.

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Below are detailed instructions that shows how to install skype on your Android phone:
1. Firstly, you need to go to Google Play and enter the name of the messenger in the search bar.

2. The system will offer the most suitable option, opposite of which there will be a button “Install”. You need to press the button, after which download will start. download of the application will begin.

3. Once the download is complete, open the application.

4. A page with a log in of your account will appear. You need enter username and password or create a new account.

To sign up for Skype you need a phone number, if you do not want to use your own cell number, you can buy a virtual number on SMS-man. In addition, we have a telegram channel in which you can get a number for free!


How to install Skype on iPhone

You can install Skype on your iPhone and simply by downloading the installation file from any website. To do this, you need:

Step-by-step instructions that shows how to install Skype on iPhone:

1. Go to the AppStore and enter the name of the messenger in the search bar to find Skype.
2. Click on the “Install” button and wait for the end of the download.
3. Then open Skype and give the necessary permissions that as requested by system.

Skype on iPhone

Installing the application using an APK file:

1. Go to the official site of the messenger
2. Find a file for downloading, click on it and click “Install” in the new window.
3. The system will request you to specify the installation location, where new messenger will be installed.
4. Choose your mobile phone

Now, you need to wait for the completion of the downloading and installation, then open the application and start using it.

We hope that now you understand how to install Skype on your phone for free. And you can quickly start using the messenger.

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