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Airbnb: sign up on the site without a phone number


How to sign up on Airbnb without phone number?

In recent years, more and more popular is traveling independently without staying in hotels. Such a vacation gives the opportunity not only to save money, but also to get a better understanding of the local culture of the chosen city or country. In this article we tell you how to sign up in airbnb without a phone number and get endless discount for every trip

AirBnB site was just created for such purposes. You can book a house for a short period in any country in the world without intermediaries. Service AirBnB in the transaction serves as an intermediary and monitors the compliance of agreements of each party.

The site is used not only by travelers to book an apartment or house, but also by landlords to rent their homes. Airbnb registration includes a mandatory phone number verification. It is possible to create an account through popular social networks, but you still have to verify it, where you have to enter a code from an SMS to verify it.

To increase the chances of renting your home, many landlords often need to have multiple profiles. There are also cases where, for whatever reason, your Airbnb account has been blocked, and a new one must be created. Either way, it’s not easy to sign up multiple profiles with phone number verification. However, there are several ways to get around this restriction.

Method #1

Buy an Airbnb account online

On the Internet they offer to buy Airbnb accounts with a coupon, verification, and without it – in general, for all tastes and colors. However, you should not be in a hurry to use these services. It is worth understanding that such profiles are registered to fake users.

In the case of any disputes on the Airbnb website and other unforeseen situations, it will not be easy to prove your case with such an account. You should be aware that in this case, you are booking accommodation abroad for a “fake person,” just as you are renting it under someone else’s name.

That said, buying an Airbnb account is not exactly cheap. In general, getting an Airbnb profile this way is quite risky and relatively expensive. It’s much easier to create an Airbnb account using a virtual phone number.

Купить аккаунт Airbnb в интернете

Method #2

Airbnb: register on the site using a virtual phone number

The best way to sign up for Airbnb without a phone is to purchase a virtual text message activation number. It is issued for a period of time, which is quite enough to get a message with a verification code from Airbnb.

We will use the trusted website to get this phone number. The main advantage of this service is that one number is available for creating only one account. It turns out that under this number after you will not be able to register at Airbnb. Here you can get a virtual number not only to register on Airbnb, but also other popular sites with ads, such as Amazon, AliExpress and others.

The task at hand is quite simple. It is necessary to divide the process into two stages. First, the purchase of a virtual number, then the registration of a new Airbnb account on it.

  1. Let’s start with creating a profile on the service “Sms-man“. To do this, you need to register, where you specify only an electronic mailbox.

2. After registering we need to top up our balance, so we can buy a virtual number. To do this let’s use the tab “Payment”.

4. Go back to the home page of the site. Then choose the country in which you want to buy a phone number. And airbnb service.
It’s important to use the VPN of the country you’re purchasing from, otherwise Airbnb may not send you a confirmation code

After you bought a number, you have it at the top of the site. Copy it

5. Now we have purchased a virtual number. Now let’s go to and use this number

After you’ve inserted the phone number you bought, airbnb will send you an sms.

To get a confirmation code, go back to and click “get sms”. Copy and paste it on the Airbnb site

It may happen that the code does not come at the first time. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about, because the money on the site is deducted only when you receive an SMS. If you don’t get the SMS, press “reject sms” and just buy another phone number

Once you have verified your phone number, the standard Airbnb registration process will follow. You can enter as many details as you like.

How do I get an endless airbnb discount?

Just repeat many times the steps in this article. Before each trip, create a new account and you’ll get a discount on each trip 🙂

You have successfully registered an additional account using the sms-man virtual number purchasing service.

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