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How to bypass Airbnb phone number verification

create Airbnb account

Despite multiple restrictions on movement between countries, online services for rental housing are still in really high demand. Nor have the problems associated with their use gone away. For example, there are still a lot of those who would like to create Airbnb account and then verify it without using their personal number. There are many different reasons to perform this task. But no matter the case solution is always the same. Learn how anyone can do that in the easiest and most affordable way possible.

How can anyone bypass Airbnb phone verification?

Sometimes there might be no way to use a personal cell number for verification purposes. It can be simply deactivated or, which is worse, blocked for some reason. When it comes to bypassing phone verification, it doesn’t mean not completing it and in spite of this receiving access to all locked features of the service. You still have to go through this process but using a temporary number. Phone number of this kind is obtained over the internet through special websites and apps. With their help, anyone can get a one-time password for verification from different platforms including Airbnb.

You can take advantage of this tool with SMS-Man. There are available temporary phone numbers for obtaining the Airbnb verification code in more than a hundred countries. However, there is not only a wide choice but also low prices. With that said, purchasing and using a temporary number for that purpose costs only about $0.60. So it is pretty affordable and surely cheaper than obtaining a burner SIM card even from any online marketplace.

Сreate Airbnb account first

Before proceeding to the process of verifying the profile it is necessary to have one. So if for some reason you didn’t create it yet, then just follow our instructions below. There is nothing difficult about it and completing all the steps requires having only a few minutes of free time. Here you go:

1. Open the official web platform of Airbnb.

2. Proceed to the “Sign up” page.


3. Choose to continue with email.

4. Provide a valid as well as an active email address.

5. Fill in suggested fields with relevant data.

6. Confirm entered email address.

7. Enjoy your new profile.

This is what it takes to create Airbnb account via a web browser. It doesn’t differ much from signing up on a mobile app so there shouldn’t be difficulties either. Now you can proceed to verification with a temporary number.

Use a temporary phone number for Airbnb

Getting it done is pretty easy. Even those who are doing it for the first time are less likely will face any issues. This is so because a temporary number is used in the same way as a regular one. So verifying an Airbnb account with its help is a task that everyone can deal with. Just follow our step-by-step guide:

1. Sign up for a profile at

2. Replenish the balance with credits using a convenient payment method.

3. Purchase a temporary phone number with appropriate settings on the start page and use it to verify your account on Airbnb.

4. Reveal the verification code by clicking “Get SMS”.

5. Verify the profile with the received code.

That’s it. You have received and activated the Airbnb verification code to access all features of the service with a temporary number. Basically, using this tool it is possible to verify an unlimited number of profiles. There are no limitations on how many temporary cell numbers each user can operate so you can create fully operable accounts for various tasks.

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