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How to delete Klarna account in 2022

Many people work late at night and do not have the opportunity to go to the store, so they resort to the help of the Internet. and if there is no such store in your country, then all the more so. so people have invented online stores. but all sites want to receive payment instantly, immediately. and if you do not have money, but the product is needed right now or a promotion ends? i am sure you are familiar with such service as klarna and someone suddenly had to delete their account in this service. so today i will tell you how to delete klarna account and create a new one.

klarna account

klarna account: how does it work and what is it for?

Before I tell you how to delete klarna account I want to briefly describe how the service works and why people choose this service.

You can order a product, wait to receive it, check it, and then pay for it when you receive your salary, for example.

This is probably the main plus, because installment payment, credit and so on all this costs you overpayment. And often, this can become not a small amount. I think, still better to spend this same money on something else important, right?

For klarna new account you will need to link your phone number, but most likely you do not have a second number. in this case, to help comes sms-man service.

close klarna account how to do this?

So to delete klarna account you need to go to your profile on the site. There everything is simple: as in all applications, programs, service sites and so on search for “delete account”. Well, delete we deleted, but what to do next? Most likely you need a new account, so to create it will need to link another phone number. You should say that most likely you will not be able to link the same number to the klarna new account. But what to do? you can buy a virtual phone number in the service sms-man. how to do this read further, but before that tell about the service.

sms-man: the advantages of using the service

Low prices. The first thing to note is the low cost of services. Buying an account for such a service will be much more expensive, and not profitable.

Security. Today every Internet user first of all thinks about security. And we guarantee it to you! the data you entrust to us in no case will not be passed to third parties.

Fast technical support. Any questions? Contact us at any time of the day or night directly on the site. If you are an active user of telegram, you can write there as well, it depends entirely on your preferences.

Now I have already mentioned the most important benefits of sms-man. But now I want to tell you the most important thing: how you can delete your klarna account and delete the old one.

delete klarna account algorithm

As with all services it’s easy to delete an account, so I won’t tell you how to delete a klarna account, but I will describe in detail how to create a klarna new account.

First, we need to create an account at the sms-man service

Go to the site and in the top right corner start the registration

Then we specify the data you need.

Great, you have created an account, but it does not have a penny. Go to the tab with the payment and top up your balance.

On the main page, you will need to choose the service and the country. The service is all clear, but the country you will have to choose yourself.

the only thing left is to get a number, put it in the field for the number on the klarna website and create a klarna new account.

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