How to use a fake number generator for SMS verification
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How to use a fake number generator for SMS verification

How to use a fake number

If you want to register on some platform or social network but don’t want to use a personal phone number in order to avoid spam, you can always use fake numbers. There are many different sites on the internet with fake phone number generator, but remember that not all of them are safe.

How to use fake numbers and is it safe to use?

Fake mobile numbers are particularly useful for creating different user accounts. With their help you avoid overly intrusive advertising SMS and calls. There are a few things you should know before choosing such a number.

Many websites offering so-called fake mobile numbers are available to everyone. That is why there is a chance that third parties will be able to read text messages sent to your fake mobile number. It is therefore highly not recommended to use fake mobile numbers to pay for online purchases at online shops.
It’s also worth noting that it should be possible to copy the text messages you receive, otherwise you may lose it.
Note that many fake mobile phone numbers are blocked by most providers: you cannot use them everywhere.

Why do yo need to use fake numbers to receive an SMS?

A virtual number is used for anonymous registrations on social networks, message boards, forms, messengers and other websites for the purpose of anonymity. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to have a guarantee of personal data security, so it is much safer to register via virtual numbers. If you want to register several profiles to one number, we can advise you to use virtual number rental on our website. Also renting is convenient in that you can receive messages from less known services that may not be in our list of services.

How can I use a fake number to subscribe to any site??

To purchase a sms activation number, you need to register on our website.

  1. After logging in, the site will open a registration form, which requires you to fulfill the empty bars with your personal data.
    SMS-Man registration form
  2. From the according list select the payment method method you use a lot and have full convenience about it’s work.  By choosing one of them, you need to top up your balance, to purchase numbers.SMS-Man
  3. Return to the main page and select the country from country list so it could be easier to receive the verification SMS.
  4. Afterwards open the list of services and use the searchbar. You can just start typing it’s name and our system will offer you services with that name
  5. Select the service you are searching for in our website.SMS-Man
  6. By clicking the “Buy” button, you purchase the number for that service.
  7. You can use this purchased number to bypass the registration for the selected service.
  8. When the service asks for a verification code from the phone number you are using, press the “Get sms” button next to the purchase..Get sms
  9. The received code will appear below it. By clicking it, you copy it.

How to get a free fake phone numbers to bypass OTP

The easiest way is to join our official Telegram channel. We publish there every day in every 8 hours  a phone number from our system, so you could use it for free to  register in all available services from our service list. All you have to do is go to the channel and subscribe. We also have special offers for those who want a discount on exact services. You can find out more on our channel


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