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Gamekit: how to create account without phone number


Hello all, in this article we will look at an online platform where you can earn rewards for playing games. Also we create gamekit account.

About Gamekit

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably wondered how to monetize the time you spend playing computer games. GameKit solves this problem. He offers you to do orders. Get points, which in the future can be exchanged for gaming items. Skin for Counter Strike, games (Witcher, FIFA, Battlefield etc.) or even real money. Among the usual tasks is the registration in the game, as well as the execution of certain actions in them. except the game tasks, there are also surveys, for which you also get points. You can also earn for inviting friends (referral system) or just logging in once a day (For this you will receive 5 points).

gamekit awards

Warning for users

Above all a little warning for those who ran to create an account at GameKit. So there are a few rules to help you avoid getting your account blocked.

  1. Don’t use vpn – as soon you login from different IP address your account will be instantly blocked.
  2. Don’t use the account while you’re traveling – the account will also get blocked. But here’s a note, as soon as you get home you can use your profile.
  3. Creating multiple profiles is not allowed. Administration can ask you to delete all but the main one.

You can verify your account with your phone number. If you don’t want to leave your data on the internet, then use a virtual one. One of the best services on the market, providing virtual and real numbers is SMS-MAN. A wide range of countries and services help you sign up easily in your service. There is also a discount system for regular customers. If you have any problems the support will promptly help to solve them.

Let’s talk about all the ways in which you can buy a number:

OTP activation:

This is a one-time number to which you can get one sms confirmation. The method is the most budget-friendly. The number can only be used to register the service you chose when you purchased it for 20 minutes.

Long-term rental:

This number is different in that you choose only the country of the number. You can receive as many texts as you want for the leased period, which is between one hour and six months, with no limits on services. The only disadvantage of such number – at the moment the function of prolongation is not implemented, so take it for a longer period at once.

Rent through API:

We also have a business solution for automate process buying numbers. You can buy either through our app or through requests on your end. The numbers that are issued to you are disposable and get one sms confirmation on them.

Create GameKit account

To create an account on GameKit you need to click on the registration button, which is located in the upper right corner of the site. You will then have several options for logging in. You can register an account via email. Or by simply linking your steam account (authorization via Google account is also available).
If you have GOIP/GSM modems, then you can cooperate with us, write to support.

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