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Cliqq app: how to open account without phone number

cliqq app

CLiQQ is the official smartphone app from the popular 7-Eleven store chain, through which customers can conveniently spend their earned points for purchases. Creating an account in the cliqq app is not easy. How to do it without a phone number, we will tell in this article.

Features of cliqq app

Everyone who installs the CLiQQ app gets a personal QR-code. All the received points will be entered to your personal account.In order to get the points credited, you need to show this QR-code when you pay for the goods in 7-Eleven stores.
Access the rewards catalog and spend the points received.

Cliqq app
With the CLiQQ application you can:

– Get a virtual loyalty barcode. If you have previously added a card, you will automatically receive a new virtual card. Any points you earn will be combined with your account.
– Earn points by presenting your loyalty barcode every time you shop at 7-Eleven. Get a free loyalty barcode by downloading our mobile app. You can also purchase a card for P10 and link it to the mobile app to combine your points. We recommend using the mobile app so you always have your barcode.
– Add the CLiQQ Rewards widget to your home screen for easy access.
– Browse the rewards catalog and purchase using your e-points.
– Check your exact balance.
– Send points, e-stamps and rewards to friends

Use cliqq wallet without phone number

The main disadvantage of CLiQQ is that you can register in it only with a Philippine telephone number. Not every user has a SIM card of that country’s mobile operator.

You can use a virtual phone number to register in the application. To get virtual number go to Sms-man site. You can buy a disposable number to get one SMS with a confirmation code, or you can rent a number to get multiple SMS with a code. To buy a virtual number you’ll need to create an account at Sms-man with your e-mail. Then you need to top up your balance. There are many wallet methods on the site. You can refill your balance with cryptocurrency. After that, you need to go to the main page of the site and select the desired country of the number and service. Philippine number for CLiQQ will cost $0.13.


After the purchase of the number it will be shown in the history of purchases. Use it when you register with CLiQQQ, when you need a confirmation code, go back to the Sms-man site and click “Get Sms”. A confirmation code will appear next to your number on the site. Use it to complete your cliqq verification.

Using virtual numbers you can create an unlimited number of accounts on any service. Virtual numbers are much more convenient and cheaper than real ones. You don’t have to look for foreign numbers to create an account. You can stay anonymous on web when you register with virtual numbers, you can use these numbers to promote your accounts etc.

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