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Coinbase: setup and registration without a phone number

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What is Coinbase and what do I need for Coinbase register?

Coinbase is an exchange through which you can easily buy and sell, as well as store and exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and others. An important feature on this platform is the ability to transfer one cryptocurrency to another. Coinbase also shows the current price, its history and the trend of changes. How to setup a Coinbase account?
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To sign up for Coinbase you need:

  • Be over 18 years of age;
  • Email (for account activation);
  • Phone number (to receive Coinbase text message);
  • Photo ID;

Application installed on your phone or open website on your computer in your browser.

Why do services ask for your phone number and how do you bypass these checks?

Many services ask for sms to register and this is needed for several purposes:

  • If you forget your password, you can reset it;
  • When you create an account you will verify your identity and confirm that you are not a robot;
  • For messages about actions on your account;
  • To confirm that it is you who is logged into the account.

But it also brings a lot of problems. Because your phone will be used as a link between you and the creators of the application, which means that you will constantly get advertising messages. And if any of your accounts are compromised, your real phone number will be leaked. This can lead to unpleasant consequences.

How to bypass verification using a virtual phone number?

When you create an account on Coinbase, Binance, etc., you can use sms activation services. One of the best in this field is It will allow you to get a phone number for Coinbase text verification.

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Users of sms-man can buy a virtual number to create accounts, but first let’s create an account and top up your account:

  • Go to and click “Sign up”.
  • Let’s enter your e-mail and password for registration.
  • We are going to check our mail and find the letter to confirm our account.
  • We enter into your account, press “Payment” and choose the suitable payment method.

Now we can buy virtual phone numbers to create accounts.

How do I create a Coinbase account?

You can create a new Coinbase profile using the app on your phone or in the browser on your computer.

How to setup a Coinbase account on phone?

  1. Download the Coinbase app on your phone from either App Store or Google Play and finish up the installation.
  2. If your phone has a VPN, you can activate it for the country you want to buy a number for.
    VPN turn on
  3. Open the Coinbase app and tap the “Get started” button to start to create an account.
    Coinbase "Get started"
  4. Fill in your information together with your valid email and password and tick the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Then, tap the “Start” button to move forward.
    Account information
  5. Go to your email box to verify the validity of your email address by clicking the link contained in the email sent by Coinbase no-reply[@] With the link clicked, the interface below will be automatically redirected to the next step.
    Email verification
  6. Your identification should be verified through 2 steps: phone number verification and ID verification.
    Information secure
  7. Go to, choose the country you want and find the Coinbase service and click “Buy”.
    Find and buy number
  8. At the top of the page you will see a list of all purchased numbers. The first number on the list will be the one you just bought.
    My number
  9. Fill in your Coinbase new number and tap the “Send code” button to verify the validity of your second phone number.
    Nethrlands phone number
  10. Go back to the page and click on “Get sms” until you get the sms. Once you have received the verification code from the sms-man message, fill it out in the empty field and click “Send” to continue.
    Coinbase "Get sms"
    Coinbase code
    Input code
  11. Then, you’re required to finish your personal information filling to complete your ID verification.
    Last step

How to sign up for Coinbase on computer?

The registration process is not very different from what we did on the phone. The most important thing is to follow the instructions. Otherwise, there should be no difficulties.

What Else Can a Second Phone Number Do for You?

  • A virtual phone number can be used to sign up for all accounts on almost all online services like Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Signal, WeChat, etc and more count countries.
  • Beneficial to boost your business.
  • Beneficial to cut your ratings for calls and messages.
  • Helps to hide your private phone number or caller ID to protect your online privacy.

Thats all about to how to setup a Coinbase account.
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