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How to create many Pogo accounts for sale

Pogo account

Most often trendy things just come and go. But sometimes, if they are really good, users don’t forget about them after the hype is over. This is absolutely how it happened with Pokemon GO. Even though this app exploded in the market way back in 2016, there are still millions of people who enjoy it daily. But not all of them use it just for playing. Some of them do also treat it like a source of income. For example, some people register and sell Pogo account in bulk. It is a common approach. Trying to figure account how to create many profiles on this app for the same purpose? Here is the answer.

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Using temporary numbers

Signing up for one Pogo account is not really difficult. You just use your personal phone number to complete verification and create it without any issues. But when it comes to registering numbers profiles many people get stuck as they don’t have multiple phone numbers. That is the main problem when performing this task. There is nothing complicated about getting rid of this though. Temporary phone numbers are not only simple but also the best tool for creating multiple accounts on whatever online service.

There is no need for anything except for any device with an internet connection. Temporary numbers are basically online phone numbers so using those takes only visiting the appropriate platform. Each of them gives temporary phone numbers over the internet. You can be located even on an island to use them when completing Pogo verify related tasks. In addition, users are also not limited in their use. So it is possible to create not only many but also unlimited accounts on Pokemon GO. This is a fantastic tool for those who want to start earning with this app.

Where to obtain a temporary phone number for Pogo?

As was said before, temporary numbers are offered by relevant online services. Those operating in the forms of both websites and apps for either a mobile phone or PC. SMS-Man combines all forms. However, that’s not what deserves the most attention. The best thing is that with this platform users can obtain a temporary phone number to create new Pogo account in one of more than a hundred countries. The choice is really wide and satisfies people from everywhere in the world. Here is a short but yet complete guide on how it might be done:

1. Proceed to the registration form at the website and sign up for a profile.

2. Check prices on the main page and recharge the account with the required amount on the payment tab.

3. Once again open the main page of the website, find a temporary phone number for Pogo in your preferred country and make a purchase.

Your phone number will automatically appear at the top part of the homepage. Now simply use it for registration purposes on Pokemon GO. There are no essential differences between this number and a real one. So the process of using a temporary number goes in the same way. Just once the verification code will be sent, look for it on SMS-Man instead of your mobile phone. There will be a button “Get SMS” that should be clicked to reveal the code.

How to create Pogo account in bulk?

Registering multiple accounts is the same as registering one account. The only difference between these two processes is that it is necessary to use a new temporary phone number for every new account. You are not restricted in getting and using multiple numbers. Thereby, to create several Pogo accounts for sale, keep getting and activating temporary numbers one after another. Just don’t forget to use VPN or proxy for switching IP addresses after some time as doing this from the same internet location might lead to blocking for security purposes.

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