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How to use Sezzle without a phone number

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Online shopping has been present in our lives for many years. But like every industry, this one does not stand still and is actively developing according to market demands. Earlier people could buy goods only with their own money. Today the situation is different. You can purchase products from popular online stores with interest-free installment plans. This is possible with an account on the appropriate payment platform. Sezzle account, for instance. It is one of the best solutions in this case which sometimes is not easy to take advantage of though. The reason is mandatory verification of a mobile phone number. Some people either don’t have it available or would like to keep it undisclosed on the internet. We know how to get around this issue.

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What is Sezzle app?

Sezzle is a company from financial technology industry that was founded way back in 2016. It provides customers with multiple solutions. However, the best and most popular of them is e-commerce payment platform. This is literally what company known for. Its main purpose is to help people buy various goods on the internet without paying their full price immediately. This becomes possible due to solutions that Sezzle app offers to their users.

In essence, using this platform, customers might pay for their items over the course of four payments. The very first installment is paid when making purchase. The rest are paid over the next six weeks at regular intervals. There are no additional fees for the customer to pay. Moreover, those who have made timely payments on prior purchases are permitted to finance the acquisition of more pricey goods. In general, the platform works as an additional payment option that a client chooses at the time of purchase to authorize payment to participating merchants. Users can shop and find stores through mobile app as well as website.

How to bypass mobile number verification on Sezzle?

Verifying your mobile phone number is a requirement for Sezzle registration. Therefore, there is no option to bypass it because it is required. But you can successfully go through this process having no personal mobile number available. The solution is provided by SMS verification services. They allow anyone to get a one-time verification code from any internet website or app using a temporary or virtual number. This work consists of just two steps. The first one is getting this kind of phone number:

1. Register a profile at and verify it by opening the link from the received email.

2. Use a convenient payment method to replenish the balance with funds.

3. Open the homepage of the platform to start setting up parameters for the verification phone number.

4. Choose its issuing country and search for Sezzle on the tab with online services.

5. Purchase a number.

You will be provided with a phone number right after clicking that purchase button. It is completely suitable to create Sezzle account and everything that is left to do at this point is to use it as supposed.

Sezzle account registration with a temporary phone number

Some people think that a temporary number is very different from a regular one and thereby is not that easy to operate. However, there is nothing like that. Making use of a temporary phone number is simple and smooth. It doesn’t even really differ from using a regular number. Here is a short guide on how exactly it goes:

1. Begin signing up for a Sizzle account and enter a temporary number when it comes to verification.

2. Request confirmation code.

3. Press the “Get SMS” button on our website.

4. Copy appeared code.

5. Complete profile registration with it.

This is it. Your account is completely the same as if it was created with a real phone number and is ready to operate. Sometimes it also might be necessary to create multiple accounts. In this case, it is enough to get just a few more temporary phone numbers and use them in the same way.

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